Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 6

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad


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Im running a 4-3-2-1 hybrid between la liga and Bpl. I have a pretty standard defense with Navas, Lenglet, Paulista,Mendy and Carvajal. then i have lacazette, casemiro and Isco.
Finally my forwards are firmino, Son and Lucas POTM.(i change firmino to cm and lacazette to st in game)

Dawson Hardie

Lol no squad again Brodie? Do you ever have a squad or do you look at FIFA as more of an investing game over a football game. Couldn’t you have a cheap 15k team or something and have no risk?


When you pack a TOTW player, do you sell right away or wait till the week is over?


IMO: If you pack a discard IF then you wait, cuz they are more likely to rise over time. If you pack a big name, then you might want to sell. Look at the prices of IF Bailly for instance. He was at his highest in the beginning.


Hello Chief, Iโ€™ve bought some ucl players when they were packed and they dropped quite a bit. Now they have risen a little bit. My question is should I hold or sell? It all depends if there will be more ucl sbcs. What do you think? Thanks


You’ve answered your question by yourself :)


Hey Chief,

Is IF Cech/Xhaka a good investment for Auba POTM for this month or shall i wait for the weekend.


And is Pacheco IF a good investment for the laliga POTM he is only 11,5k


Hi chief! I just paked Neuer, Im thinking in holding him a couple of days before selling him. I guess he may probably rise again soon? Am I right? As there are no reasonable investment I could save some money with him


why did most (if not all) ucl players price’s drastically crash?…


they released an sbc with a tradable 3 ucl player pack reward


Hello chief, my current squad pretty expensive because of I got lucky buy some player in cheap price. Im running a 3-1-4-2 combination between bundesliga, premier league and serie a. My defense is filled with Bravo ucl special, Barzagli, Laporte, and Mangala ucl special. In midfield i have Fernadinho as cdm in between Gundogan totw and Bernardo Silva totw. In Rm I put Mahrez Otw and Sane ucl special in Lm that I got through ucl upgrade sbc.
Finally my forwards are Philip ucl special and Lacazette. Quite decent squad for squad battle for me.


so chief are there any good investments from totw 6 in your opinion?


When to sell if vela?

Alick Roberts

Hey Chief, new to this but just recently invested in 50 Felipe for about 900-950 each. When should be the time to sell?


When he is needed for a sbc ~ Fut Chief


Hi Chief, I just got Balotelli scream card from a pack. Should I sell now or wait till he has 90 pace?


Thanks so much!

Jan Lenz

Hey chief how would you trade at the moment with about 1 mill?

Aidan Robinson

I got 4-2-3-1 in game (4-3-2-1 to start for 100 chem).
PoTM Hazard De Bruyne PoTM Lucas
Matuidi Matic
Alex Sandro Chiellini IF Bailly Valencia
IF Szsceny.
Most untradeable from untradeable rewards in FUT Rivals


Talking about squads, when it’s the best time to buy a squad? *Money wise of course*
I already have the squad, Calcio squad, just want to complete it for the next Fut Champions, the one starting first of November. Should I sell my team now and buy it later next week? Help would be appreciated

And since I’m commenting, I can’t appreciate enough what you’re doing!
Truly appreciated, Chief, giving help to traders who still finding their way through the trading scene.

Miguel Vial

Hi Chief
Are the prices going even lower today when fut champions rewards are given? Or are they going even lower tomorrow?
I need help to buy my team (includes Griezmann, Lewa, Reus, Lloris) as the cheapest I can.
Thanks a lot


This site seems a bit slow at updating comments, its seems to take a few hours to update is it the same for everyone else?


Yes it is


Yeah same here


have been playing with the following:

ST: IF Arnautovic (Red)

LW: Sadio Manรฉ
RW: POTM Lucas

CM: Dele Alli
CDM: Fernandinho
CDM: Moussa Dembele

LB: Andrew Robertson
RB: Kyle Walker
CB: Davinson Sanchez
CB: Eric Bailly

GK: Bernd Leno

However, I’m about to sell most of this squad and re-buy them around the expected black friday crash. Not expecting to play a lot of FIFA the next weeks anyway, because RDR2 is coming out :D


Do people find the hybrid teams (ie bpl/ La Liga) better than a single league or is is just more personal preference?

Aidan Robinson

Just certain leagues have better players in certain positions for instance la liga got some top defenders and midfielders, serie a good defenders, EPL good DMs and attacking players. Just mix it up to get strongest players in each positions. Like Chiellini an Sandro are better than Alonso and Vertongen (2 best epl players in same position)