TOTW 6 Investment: Fabian

Player: Fabian

Reasoning: High rated informs always have value. They are often required for expensive SBCs just as we saw with Reus and Hazard.

What makes Fabian such a good look is that he also has a good league (Serie A) and great nation (Spain). There are a lot of players from Spain that are the cheapest for their respective ratings (Thiago, Parejo, Iniesta, Pique, Silva, etc.), so Spain is commonly one of the cheapest SBC solutions that comes up on FUTBIN.

Target BUY: 18k or less.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Hi Chief,

I have 100k ready to be invested, do you think I should invest it all on Fabian or do you suggest something else ?


18k looks to be far too low. Would you still buy at 22k???


Hi Chief

What do you base your prices on? At the moment he’s 22k on xbox, is he still worth the investment at 4k more?


To follow on from this do you think Eggestein would be a good investment? he has good links for the Bundesliga POTM but i feel his rating might let him down if there’s a high rated SBC.


Do you think Ilcic would also be a good investment?
Bad card in an unusable position but highly rated for SBC’S
Around 17k on PS
What do you think?


Hey chief, i already sold my team to be liquidated for black ready to don’t take risks, you think i made a good move?


Good morning chief,
Yesterday during rewards I bough 150 players, glik’s felipe’s and savic all of them for 700 coins and some jonas and william carvalho (84 rated) for 1300/1400 coins because they’re around 2.5k. When should i sell them?
Thanks for yout time


Hi chief. Which day or time is best to buy totw?


Almost impossible to bid at 18k or less, also cause he’s quite playable.


On ps4 he is now more than 20k. Should i still buy him?


Market crash happening and this guys that charges money doesn’t even say anything lol


Target buy 18k for what platform?


Hi, I have just emailed you (futchief1) reference a potential donation. I didnt know how else to contact you. It may be in your spam folder. Thank you.


Capoue seems to be ticking up nicely for Champions League SBC from 800 to 1.9k..
Made about 50k out of him.

Ruben De Vries

Use your own brain people the market is real time. If somethings a good investment buy everyone buys IT what You Think Will happen?

If chief gives advice here but before hand instructs his patroens to invest in Them who Will gain the profit.

I have flipped atleast 500k with 150 coins investment. ( Total profit 2.5m plus ) Find your own systems and use these as inspiration.

Thanks for the food for thought and good investments chief. Keep IT up.

Cant believe youre Nice enough to keep answering half the thoughtless questions.


Yo chief,

Forsberg is at 1500 now. Sell or keep holding until end of scream packs?



Chief whens best time to sell my team so I can invest for Black Friday


When should I sell my Felipes and Forsbergs?
Thanks chief

Daniel Wilson

Why has de la bella gold card shot up so much to 5400 from 850 when seen he was in totw bought 10 cards so made nice profit


Hey Chief, when do you think he should rise? And what does “guaranteed SBC” mean?


Forsberg is 1.9k now i remember you saying you predicted it to be 2-2.5k do you think Forberg can rise to 3k?


Chief, i have tradable Fabian UCL, will his price rise?