Marquee Matchups Predictions for Week 7

For next week, our best matchup for investment comes courtesy of the Turkish Super Lig.

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Galatasaray v. Fenerbahce

The International Derby takes flight on Friday, November 2nd as Galatasaray (19 points, 1st in table) looks to stay atop the league while Fenerbahce (9 points, 15th in table) tries to work it’s way up. Look to gold cards from either squad as investments.

Cheapest Fenerbahce gold cards.

Cheapest Galatasaray gold cards.

Target BUY: Gold non-rares for 350 coins. Gold rares for 650 coins.

Target SELL: Thursday, November 1st shortly before the announcement (the announcement is at 6PM UK time)



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Will you release another post about the other predicted marquee matchups that will come on thursday


Scream cards a good buy ? Especially Pepe because he’s high rated and will be good for sbc if needed.


I’ll say that I picked Shaqiri up around 30k and Fellaini up around 28k. Sold both for over 20k more. It’s too late to invest, but both of those players are studs when scream is activated.


Is it worth to invest in sokratis for POTM aubamayang?


what about leno?


Sell Cruz Azul Players & Martials now or should I wait?


Best to buy if Matias Vecino now or tomorrow, not sure if his price will drop anymore tomorrow?


Sorry to sound like a noob, but why are we selling these before the announcement? And is that refeering to the announcement of Marquee matchups.. I’m new to this and a little confused. I have made close to 350k by trading which I understand how to snipe then flip but not so much on the investment side


In theory, they should rise in price in the hype as people think this game may be included in this weeks MM. It’s more of a gamble to keep them until after the announcement because either this game may not be included by EA, or the requirements may not need the team’s players.

Like this weeks Mexican league game. It didn’t require players from the 2 teams, just players from the league. I sold my players in the hype and doubled my money. If I had kept hold of them, I would have only broken even as the prices dropped when the requirements were released.


Love what you do chief, I packed Ronaldo in a jumbo premium gold pack last night from futdraft, keep or sell? And if I should sell what should I invest the money in cheers


Cheers chief

Miguel Vial

Hey Chief
Do yo think buying Skrtel for 650 is a good buy?

Shahzeb Faheem

When to sell martial currently looking at a -3k deficit. But don’t want to go more below that. Really need some advice.


Is it a good time to buy top players like Neymar bale? Or will the price drop significantly sooon??


Where is that guaranteed halloween card SBC? Do you think that sbc still gonna come out?


I really have no clue and Chief said he hoped it would come this weekend but maybe halloween?


Hi chief,

What do you think if Lacazette as an investment? Currently about 6.5k which seems cheap for a meta bpl French striker, also with Aubameyang being imo the favourite to win the October player of the month he could go up being a high rated Arsenal player


How does the champions league trading method work?

Every 2 weeks when champions league is out there is a sbc so clc will be flooded, would I buy the cards just before the sbc will end then sell when they have risen since there is less on the market?



Savic\Felipe hold or sell?


Sell or Hold UCL cards?


Hey, why did you remove savic felipe and glik from the top buys? should I sell them? and what is the reason for the new players in the list?


Hey chief, what do I do with savic, Rosberg, Felipe and glik? Hold them or sell them? They are not rising

Alick Roberts

Hey Chief, bought many for about 650/700. What’s the best way to sell in the hype? Minimum maximum bid or set buy it now at a price?


Hey Chief
I have no squad at the Moment and want to create one in the next couple of days. The most expansive players will be Suarez and Kane. When is the best time to buy them within the next 5 days?


Thought that the market always goes up on thursdays because people are getting ALOT of coin on their hands and start spending it. Of course more
packs get opened as well but for rare players like Suarez and Kane I wouldn’t expect them to flood the market. Wouldn’t Sunday/Monday be a better time to buy a team, as people are finishing WL?


What is the reasoning for the informs in today’s “top buys”?