TOTW 6 Investment: Pickford

Player:ย Jordan Pickford

Reasoning:ย Cheap, high rated informs always have value. Jordan Pickford is currently the cheapest 85 rated inform.

Even better, Pickford plays in the Premier League. EA often requires BPL informs for POTM SBCs (like they did for Hazard). As Aubameyang is the front runner for the October POTM (likely released on November 9th), they will need to make his SBCs expensive. High rated cards will probably be how they will do it.

Here are some examples of how other cheap, high rated BPL informs have risen in price this year:


Target BUY:ย Less than 30k

Target SELL:ย When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Do you recommend doing this in PS4 aswell? It’s 27k rn.


no dont do it, leave them all to me ๐Ÿ˜€

Del piero

Felipe. Hold or sell with small hit and move on?


What should i do? Buy a few of him or a lot of sokratis and leno?


Hi chief, is the guaranteed ultimate scream SBC out of the window now. Should I sell all my 83’s at a small loss or hold for a couple more days?


Cheers chief . Think I’ll hold them till Wednesday as e.a are a bit unpredictable this year. Nothing to lose by holding for a few days I guess.

Matheus Neves

Got an NIF Aubameyang looking for potm hype. Am I safe or its too risky with people panic selling for black friday crash?


i just got kondogbia. Should i sell him now or wait? TY for reply


Why do you removed the laliga from the potm list ?


Fabian and Pacheco still good then?


Hi Chef,
maybe it’s worth investing in if Barkley?


Is Duffy IF for 12k also a safe pick?


Do you think NIF Auba will rise due to potential POTM? 290k on PC right now


What about IF Jovic for Bundesliga POTM? Has a good chance of winning it so should rise a lot in the hype right?

Thomas McCormick

When should I sell scream cards?


So when do u suggest we sell the informs from your top buys?


What prices do you think the players on ur top buys will rise to?


Should I sell if pellegrini and invest in Pickford or wait?


Hi Chief, should i sell my IF timo werner or keep?


Hello Chief ! Just started learning from your site and it seems it will work ! Got IF Pacheco , Duffy, Fabian and Pickford ! When is the best time to sell them ? Thanks


Hi Cheif, I still have IF Anderson Talisca, hes been steadily going down, is he still worth keeping?



Hi Chief, just invested around 100k in cheap 84s wondering on when should I sell them and should I keep investing in the cheap 84s?


Picked up 8 Pickford for 30k, will likely look to sell around 36k.
I think there will be a Marquee matchup with Arsenal vs Liverpool this week. So stock up on those gold rares above 80 people