Q & A Tuesday – Week 7

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Why do you think Aubameyang is falling drastically in price? I’m so annoyed at this. Like Hazard and Reus, I wanted to capitalize on his price rising due to the POTM hype but he’s gone down from 306k to almost 290k and I don’t think he will rise enough for me to make a profit.

This is so frustrating, can you explain why this happened?


The fact that Auba is nailed down for POTM, players who uses him in their main squads will want his POTM, hence the high amount of cards dropped in the market. However, his price will eventually go up again.


Hi Chief, should i sell my IF timo werner or keep?


Should we still sell forsbergs?


Hi chief!
Must say you do wonderful work, it helps me a lot!
I bought a lot of Hradecky, jarstein, and toprak, couldn’t find the right time to sell them, it seems like their price wouldn’t go up.
Sell them now and invest somewhere else, or keep them? If so when to sell them?
Thank you!

Tyae Osborne

can you see otw cr7 being affected by the market crash? shall I keep or sell?


Who will be potm for november?


Aubameyang with an off chance of barkley.

Alfi Savel

How should Chief know that? Check Out the statistics, he can only do the same…

Next to Auber, also Barkley and Sigurdsson have been two Times in the PPL team of the Week.

But whait for the voting on EA’s Website and then form your own opinion mate


When are we selling the players in your top buys?


Ciao capo
Chi mi consigli da sniperare per le prossime sbc??


Chief, he asked what to snipe for the up-coming SBC’s

Sam Tompson

Do you think Icons will go below 500k (Xbox) if so when do you think?


What price do you think scream cacereas is going to go too atm he is 13,500. I got 15 for 11-12 k


What do you think about invest in Kagawa? There will be a hype about Aubameyang POTM and he played in BVB where Kagawa has one of the highest ratings and still just cost 950 coins.


Chief when is the black friday, shall i sell my team before it and rebuy after ?


should i sell my leno’s and sokratis now before black friday and rebuy?



is it worth to buy Sanchez for 39k because he is 87 rated and playing in the bpl, maybe we need him for the Auba POTM


Hi Chief,

I packed NIF Messi and Valencia, when would be a good time to sell?
Thanks for your response in advance


Hi Cheif, when do you expect IF pickford to go up?



why do you think fabian will rise? can you put a side note for your top buys? thanks.


okay at that time fabian for 18K made sense, but now he’s over 25K do you still think he’s a good look ? thanks.


I started trading this Fifa and Iโ€™ve been reading the articles on your website everyday to help. I follow your investing advice however I canโ€™t seem to make profit


Can you name some good investments rn?


Look at his top buys


Do you think Bundesliga Jovic will go up (cause heโ€˜ll likely be the potm)?