TOTW 7 Investment: Demirbay

Player: Karem Demirbay

Reasoning: For the next few weeks, my main focus in regards to investing will be high-rated informs that are the cheapest for their respective ratings. Demirbay is current the cheapest 83 rated inform.

In addition, his good league (Bundesliga) and nation (Germany) make him easy to link in SBCs. With another Bundesliga POTM likely coming in the next few weeks, you can be sure that he will rise in the hype leading up to the release.

Target BUY: Less than 15k.

Target SELL: He will continue to increase with time. Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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What do u think about Foster?


Chief, I’ve just become your patreon after following many investing advices from you and decided to move to trading through sniping. However, I couldn’t understand how the sniping filters work: are we looking for some specific player within the filters parameters or any player meeting those filters requirements will do? Sorry if this seems like an obvious question, but this is my first year investing in FUT and I’m finding easy to get lost. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!


Is it good to buy with 18k


Hello Chief
Bought 95 of Pacheco IF for 10.250 each. He now sells for 14.250. Do you think he will continue to rise or should I sell now?


What do you think about Casillas?

Angel Prado

What do you think about Hilton, chief? Good look?


Hilton is in Cheif’s Top Buys – definitely a good look if you get him cheap enough (I picked all mine up for ~11.5k)


Hey Chief, is Duffy a good investment as well?


What is POTY?


what you think about Bellarabi IF ?


Hey chief!
I want be patreon but afraid that i not going gain some coins.

Thats 100% succes rate?


Yes 100% succes rate


Obviously can’t guarantee 100% success, but as a member I made my first million of transfer profit by Oct. 24. I just went over 2 million today and have just over 1 mil coins.

I’m by no means an experienced player nor do I spend a ton of time doing it, but I haven’t bought any FIFA points and have a good bank roll now.

It takes some time, and you have to know the right timing and methods, but it worked for me.


do you think in-forms will drop in price before black friday?


17k also a good pick of Demirbay?


Thoughts on IF Weghorst? Can snipe him for near discard price, Bundesliga player, and one of the cheapest IF 81s on the market right now


Gotcha, thanks.

In regards to position for IF cards, seems like you generally go for CBs or CMs. Assuming this is because they have a greater number of links and can fit in multiple positions compared to say a GK, Striker, or Winger?


I got normal (gold) Fabinho for 79k on PC when he was going for 90k
I sold him for like 91,92k and today he’s going for 106k


Chief do you think we get blues again on tuesday and therefor another market crash? If so, maybe the informs are cheapest on tuesday…


Hi Chief,

Got some IF fabian for less than 23k now going for around 30k(PS4) and also got some IF Pacheco for less than 12k now going for around 15k. Is there still room for them to rise in price or better to sell now?

Thanks for your response in advance.


Have them too. They will keep rising slowly but there will be better investments in the future. Sell them if you see a new investment opportunity like potm.


IF’s generally tend to rise the more you wait


What do you think about IF Sharp? In 3 weeks Jutkiewicz tripled from his discard value.


Buying price for hilton and foster please?


Hi chief, just wondering when should i buy players for my team. Im currently not sure because of the market crash and I am cautious not to waste any coins


Players keep dropping till black friday. After that its a great time to buy players.


After black friday. Players will drop till black friday from now on.


What about IF xhaka, maybe POTM aubameyang??

Jimmy Eat World

I have invested in IF Sancho for 13k or cheaper, reckon he will rise back up in price?


Hey Chief right now for some reason IF Fabians price is riseing should i sell now or wait?


I have Fabian Duffy and Foster suggestions on what to do?