Q & A Tuesday – Week 8

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey Chief! I wanted to know what the best way is to make coins off of weekend league. I know we can buy players at their lows and sell them on thursday or friday at their highs after weekend league rewards, but why is that? I saw this technique used commonly to buy meta players for cheap and sell them for high, taking advantage of the weekend league rewards. So can you explain why this is and what days are best to pick up these players and when is it best to sell them? And if possible, can you recommend any one of these cards or players that usually follow this profitable trend? I’ve been playing fifa for 4 years and this is the first time I started investing after finding your website, so thank you so much! I will definitely join the patron soon to get extra tips 🙂


I’m new here. Need some tips about some good investments.

Thanks man 🙂


Still Demirbay? He’s at 19,5k on PS4.


What to invest in right now


They are already pretty high, what is target buy for today?


Right now they are needed for Flashback Götze, why should they increase when the SBC is over and a new TOTW for the next IF challenge is out?


When should we sell our EPL POTM investments like Duffy, Foster, Ozil ?


Greetings from Mexico, Chief.

Do you think Henrikh Mkhitaryan will rise during the October POTM hype? I bought 30 of his cards at 5,700. What’s a good price to sell? During Hazard POTM hype (October 10th) he rose up to 11,000.

Should I wait until he rises to 10-11 K?


When will meta 85-88 gold cards (Mertens, Nainggolan, Firmino, Eriksen, etc) hit their lowest point? Is it a good idea to buy now, or do you see them dropping further midweek?


What day will Premier League POTM be announced? Are Premier League IFs worth holding onto until then?


Hi chief !
No POTM investment post yet ?

Was feeling quite confident with Auba getting potm but with Arsenal last draw, it seems Barkley can make it, with a very little chance of Martial as “surprise”.
If so, investment between Auba and Barkleys will be very different as the cost will be 10x cheaper for Barkley (i’d say 40/50k while Auba will me atleast 400K as LW, 500 if ST)


I don’t know if it really matters but arsenal’s draw was in November


They drew to crystal palace at the end of october


When is the best time to buy players?


hi chief. Now I have a couple million coins I want to start trading icons using 59 min method. Could you explain how to do this so I can start trading. Also who are the best icons to look for and the best price range to find good deals.


hi chief.. can you please put more silver sniping in your sniping list?
gold sniping are very low on margin and have too many investors… but silvers snipings are very good and i earn about 40k last two days from your silver sniping list…

Harry Wright

Hi Chief, when will the best time to sell for Black Market crash? Will it be this Thursday – Friday – Saturday morning for the crash before the crash next week?

Miguel Vial

Hey Chief
Are the prices going up again this friday for FUT Champions or do you think they will stay how they are now? I have to sell expensive players that went like 50k down, so I dont know if I should sell an accept the loss or wait until friday.


I have a question in regards to OTW Felipe Anderson, which seeimly will get a new IF tomorrow. He’s price is currently at 220k – Risen from about 120-130k since he scored twice in the weekend. Clearly a big hype. If this was purely an investment I would definately sell tomorrow before the announcement. But this is actually a player that I enjoy playing with, and I feel 95% secure that he will be 86-rated by the end of tomorrow. But ofc, if he does not get an IF, he will be dropping to 110-120k easily which would be a big loss of potential gain. I am considering to sell him, and re-buy him after he get’s his IF (or not really). I am willing to gamble with the 5% insecurity if I see a potential uplift in the value (from 220k) after he recieves his IF. My (long) question is as follows: From your experience, how much will usually a hyped OTW-card increase when his new rating is released?


Hi chief, do you see IF Demirbay rising beyond 20k for POTM?


Hi chief! Do you think market crash hype will be a factor this year? Many people are waiting to sell all their players before it happens. Might this lead to semi-crashes over the next weeks?


Chief, I need an Advice…I bought Griezmann to use it in my team at 287k it seems a good price because he was at 290k to 300k, right now he drops to 262k, I am using it, but. I didn’t expect to loose coins like this, what should I do, sell it with the loss or wait and hope it goes up again anytime soon and continue using it?


Hi chief,

To what price do you except Demirbay wil rise?



Hi Chief, may be a silly question but, what are the various implications of predicting totw? suppose predicting sterling to get on the totw, what players to buy / sell?

João Maron

Hi chief,

I have packed bellarabi if, should I sell it, or will the price go up?