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When do u think his price will go up? For now the price of if goes down


I’ve got a hench amount of Sokratis and Arsenal players all 84 rated, think they will continue down and should just accept the loss of money? or hold hoping they increase


Will otamendi rise much?


Oh boy.. You’re gonna get some heat from the haters on this SBC, Chief. It was a very tough one to invest for! Gold cards seem really volatile this year

On the other hand, Duffy was a great look. As soon as this SBC came out he dipped to ~13k, picked a bunch up and now selling for ~17k!


Do you recommend a panic sell?

Not Dylan

Are you going to invest in the irish POTM tommorow? if so is there any special picks you have lined up, ive got Duffy IF, but not sure if the card will even need informs for the SBC depending on the rating


Hello chief off topic Duffy recommended max price to invest because of Irish potm?


Thanks a lot lot Fut Chief! Now I have almost lost coins on your investment tips…


Hey Chief,

Will prices go up tomorrow/sunday? because they are really now atm??


Hi Chief –

Been holding a handful of IF Pickfords. With the release of the Auba SBC should we still expect Pickford’s price to rise?

Do you still maintain the expectation that his price will hit 50K (before Black Friday)?

Sell This Weekend or Hold?


I got 500k atm. Is it possible do double up it before BF. Do you see any future investments?

Phil gaskell

Gutted as I went with your prediction that auba wasn’t needed for the SBC. In fact I was going against your decision until 14:50 today then sold in the hype. 12 minutes later and he was selling for 450-460k. Predictions are hard and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Packed Kante tonight. Made over 30k on fosters too so not all bad


Why are the pickford informs Not rising he’s a 85 rated inform needed for the auba sbc I have several cards bought for 30k and now I don’t even make 7k plus per card ๐Ÿ™


Done all the SBC’s apart from Aubama, he’s at 330k right now, think his price will go back down to 265k before the SBC ends?

Simon Hauke

This time ea did all against investors I think. They did auba for potm auba so I think it was not rentable for a lot of guys to make the sbc for potm. In case of this I lost a lot of money. But wanna thx chief im now at 2 million plus following his tips. And I got lucky picks from the auba sbc. Like mbape and quaresma if.


When you say Black Friday to buy team etc… do you mean the actual day or a pre crash?


I have some otamendies i bought at 20k
You think still worth hold him or sell now?


Hi Chief, do you reckon the SBC is worth doing? In terms of spending and return.