TOTW 8 Investment: Romagnoli

Player:ย Alessio Romagnoli

Reasoning:ย High rated informs always have value because of their usability in SBCs. Romagnoli is a good look as he plays in a good league and has a great nation that makes him easily linkable with other high rated players that are the cheapest for their respective rating (Chiellini, Bonucci, Buffon, Veratti, etc.). His CB position also makes him more valuable.

Target BUY:ย Less than 20k

Target SELL:ย When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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come mai lo sniping non si vede piu ?


When do you recommend us to buy (expensive) players for our squad ? (Taking market crash into account)


When would you say the market will crash the lowest?


When do you think is best time to sell high rated players before black friday?


IF Duffy still a good buy at 12, 13 K ?


When would that Irish POTY roughly be?


ive sniped sokratis good deal? should i keep him till his totw

many thanks


I dont know if i should trust you Chief I lost money on Barkley and then Martial and almost lost money on Pickford i dont know if im gonna invest in this guy

Alex Hagen

i dont understand how you can loose coins on those players. all rised after the articles were published. barkley by almost 50%, and martial by 2,5k, both making you almost 1k per card. if you wanted to make money on if-picford you should always sell in the hype before events, now he is panic-sold because high rated IFs is not as important as people expected for potm. he will bounce back.


How did u lose money on pickford?

I bought 4 of him for 30k and sold for 37.5k


i cant sell mine for 29k on ps4 wtf how u made this


Hi Chief,
I lost so many coins on Auba POTM, should i panic sell right now my informs like pickford, duffy etc and gold players like otamendi?


When should I sell this guy is there a time frame


Hi cheif do u think Werner, if bought under 2k, will go up?


Should i buy aubu now if i want to do the sbc?

Samir Amir

Since the shortfuts extension got taken down form the chrome extension store, could i get banned for using it, i’m new to trading and haven’t used it yet. Also if i don’t use it i’m assuming that sniping would be faster on console?

Samir Amir

Thanks for the reply, i have a second account i’m going to try it out on first. should i use the default hotkeys or do you have any recommendations.


On pc he is going for like 22-23k. should i buy ? i have 180k to spend


Thanks fr the reply
Ucl demirbay for 1.5 k
Do u think he’ll go up chief


Hi Chief i want to buy mbappe and i had 340k now then should i wait more or this time is the best


Hi chief, what do ypu think the likelyhood of EA bringing out a baby icon sbc as I have min price icon but want to hold it to see if theres a olayer i want in prime icon set 3 but im worried incase they bring out a baby icon sbc


Do you think before prime icon set 3?


hi chief.Should i buy around 10 romagnoli for 20k on PS4?


Chief, when should i sell aubu?


so u don’t think he’ll rise


Chief just askin why has werner gone down and up so much lately


When would you advise to sell totw players such as Hilton, Demirbay, Fabian etc?


Will his price go below 20k if I don’t sell him 2 weeks later (Black Friday)?


How much do you you think big players will drop by on Black Friday (mbappe neymar etc) thanks ๐Ÿ™‚