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Sterling 230k? Ok? Would you invest?


Hry Chief is Griezmann worth investing in he might pick up an inform sooner or later


Do you see Fahrman dropping more? Currently at 30k. Looking for a solid keeper for WL and dont have coins for Courtois.


What do you think about invest in Philipp and in Farhmann? Both are obvious upgrades and can be top picks in any bundesliga squad.


Hey Chief
Do you think that picking up Renato Sanchez road to final card for 140k is a good idea.
I already bought 2 but I want to hear from you if you think itโ€™s going to be a mistake or not


Will the road to the final perisic go down?

Bang Toyib

Hi Chief,

I was lucky enough to pack the 87 rated Perisic. His BIN is about 192k at the moment. Should I sell him or wait it out for him to rise?


What do u think about kimpembe? I want to use him in my squad. Do u think he’s at a good price


I have some otamendi demirbay if and pickford if
You think i need sell now or hold?


do u still think otamendi and demirbays price will rise?
i invested very high on them and their price has fallen alot.
i need coins for black friday and now afraid of the crash


What do you think about Tagliafico from Ajax, 17,5k on ps4 and good chance on upgrade, buy now or wait for black friday?


Packed Davidson Sanchez, currently going for about 180k, sell now? Odds are he won’t get an upgrade but still a beast of a card


The way it looks Spurs are gonna have a tough time getting out of their group but they’d still go to europa league and I could see them going far there. He’d only be able to get 6 boosts instead of 7 if they’d win it all but he could be even better than if they did advance in UCL


Hi chief.

For how long are those cards in packs ?



I want UCL Live Davinson Sanchez for my team, when would you say best time to buy? And what price?


few days before black friday keep an eye on the prices and when it seems cheap enough buy


chief i packed insigne should i sell him now or will the prices go up cuz the market is broken

Henry S.

Hey chief! I just packed the champions league road to the final FEKIR and TAGLIAFICO…do you recommend any particular time to sell…i wanna try and get the most money out of the cards. Im on xbox and FEKIR’s card is going for around 150k and TAGLIAFICO is going for around 16k…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP ๐Ÿ™‚


I packed Insigne and planning to sell manolas too but they’re really low on price now so u think prices will bounce back or should i just sell now.


I just packed De Bryune… Should I sell or hold?


Is there anyone we should buy from this list u think since their team is almost guarranteed to make it far in the tournament?


Cheif, whats the best investing tip you can give me right now?