Q & A Tuesday – Week 9

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi chief,

How much for Joao Mario?

Thanks in advance

The Bronz

are there any investments that is good to buy before Black Friday?


Hi chief,

Should i keep 86 alex sandro ? or its about time to sell?

Thanks in advance


my plan is to sell all my bundesliga in-form investments thursday evening after rewards. reckon that’s a good time to do so?

don’t want to gamble til after the bundesliga potm announcement.


Are we expecting there to be a 4th Europa league SBC in the next day or so? Surely Sevilla would be the favourites, if that’s the case then I can see IF Sarabia sky rocketing in price, would you agree and recommend investing?



I bought douglas costa for 60k last week hes about 34k now should i sell now and take the L or wait for him to go back up in price?


IMO: he’s not gonna go back above 34k with black friday coming up. Sell him now.


Demirbay still is a good investment for Bundes POTM?


Otamendi is back to 20k on ps4, should we keep holding or sell and take no losses


I packed kimpembe road to final and I’m using him in my squad atm. I think psg will most likely advance in the rounds making me think he will rise in price making me want to sell him later on in the year if it’s beneficial. What do you think

Alfi Savel

Yea PSG Gas good Chance winning Europa League 😉


True man they’re 3rd i the group with two points behind napoli if they keep playing like that just sell him


Who do you think will be Bundesliga potm? Personally I think it will be jovic. And I have a few of his informs. Do you think they will rise or drop in price when and if he’s released? Depending on who u think will be POTM who Should we invest in


Hello Chief,
What about buying Kagawa before the german POTM?


when should we buy our team? like expensive inform and high rated players?


1.5mln to invest. any idea? romagnoli under 20?


Yo, has like 250k coins for investment. What you suggest?
Has a 4 milion worth team so possible to sell some for more investments.


Do you think Robertson from Liverpool will make it to the totw this week?

Thanks bro


Who do u suggest to buy ither than joao mario and romangoli infs do u recommend buying past totw players who have high demand such as kenny lala and bpl inf ?


I bought 4x Tagliafico CLupgrade for 16k. U think his price will rise knowing Ajax will probably go to the knock out stage?

Paul Aymeric

Crash already happened or player likely going to lose at least 30% of value until Black Friday?


Hey Chief, I bought 1IF Werner last week when totw was presented on twitter, as you reffered in your high risk investments. So I got him for 154k and he rose back to 200k at Rewards last week, but now he is back at 160k.

Do you think he will rise back to 200k this rewards ?



What is your take on the upcoming icon sbc?

Is it viable to load up on high rate cards? (Buffon, silva, kroos, etc?)


Hi chief,
I want to sell my team should i wait until the black friday it s over??