TOTW 9 Investment: Firpo

Player: Junior Firpo

Reasoning: As we’ve seen time and time again this year, full backs tend to rise the most for SBCs (most recently with Hector). Firpo not only has a great position as a LB, but he also plays in a good league (La Liga) and great nation (Spain) which makes easily linkable for cheapest solutions in SBCs.

I expect his price to rise similarly to that of de la Bella from TOTW 6.

Target BUY: 13,000 coins or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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No way of getting him for 13k he was 13.2k yesterday, goes for 14.2 k now


Cool bought 15 yesterday at 13.2k will wait, thanks Chief


Do you think its worth to buy some hectors again? Shall he rise when the sbc comes back?


Actually you can invest in Hector. The SBC will come back forsure. The only risk you are taking here is that if there are not 2 informs needed if they put it back online.
The reason for shutting it down was the Position of Sancho and not the SBC itself, so in my opinion its a low-risk investment (not non-risk).


The SBC itself was odd too. You needed a German squad, while Sancho is an Englishmen…


As i told you, rebuy Hectors.
Would be 5-10k Profit each if you bought them between 26 and 30k again.

It’s like working on the stock market. If you are good there you ll make tons of profit in fut trading.



I miss the first chance but i invest in him afterthey remove the SBC. bought 20 at 27k and sold all at 38k.


Hi Chief will the top guys (kdb, dybala, etc) be affected much on black friday?

Will Nguyen

Thank you.


Hi chief, is IF Rami at 24k at good investment?


How do you expect low rated sbc informs to react the next week? Not sure if they will drop tomorow or monday when people panic sell.


chief,which day do u think is good to buy my team ?? thank you


which day ? friday 23 ?


i missed hector im so sad. i missed 1m gain. Im full investing firpo and waiting


Hi chief,
Should i invest in 80 81 gold players for black friday SBC

Yeh nic

Chief do you reckon he will go to the same price as hector or similar?


I have 300k to invest and trade with.
Should I invest 100k in firpo and leave the rest for other trades or all in?


I mean other trades for black friday since the market goes crazy.


So, Firpo price will increase in black Friday?


Got a question about scream cards… should I sell them or keep them. Also, have got a lot of cheap ucl cards will there be another rise in i price I am hoping for!!


If we are buying firpo when should we sell I saved up 370000k for black Friday to buy my team but I have took the risk and using it all on him


IF Rondon to heavily invest in? 12k?


i put 1.5m to firpoand bought 120pcs. If i loose i dont play fifa anymore :)


Hi chief

Is it true that there is a cyber monday on 26th november and the worth of the players will decrease even more then from black friday? If it is true shall i wait 1 more day and buy players at tuesday the 27th?


Chief, was at a festival and missed the potm sbc, still have 10 inform hectors. Do i wait for sbc to come back up or sell for 27k? Thanks


Time to sell romagnoli, mario or rami yet or are we waiting for the sbc to be released again?


Hey chief is it worth buying him for an extra 1.5k