Q & A Tuesday – Week 10

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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David Nguyen

Hi chief, is stocking up on rare gold cards for 600-650 a good investment if ea releases the premium league sbcs for bf?


Hi chief do you think it is a good idea to invest in 81 rated gold informs? I would buy them for 13k each. Thanks alot


What percentage would you say your top buys have contributed to your overall transfer profit or is it mostly trading other things?

Randy Travis

Do you think Scream Verratti would be a good investment? Full moon is this Thursday…


Hi Chief,
thanks for a good site, im rather good with discard investments, became top10 clubvalue last i look with just buying trash, but i feel i like to start with trading and focus on top10 patreon list.
Regarding sniping section – can you add a step by step guide please in it, so a complete noob trader can understand?


Regarding the same question, I would like to know which is the best platform for trading (console / webapp / mobileapp)? note: xbox here


IF almeida for 15k?


Hello, Invest in Almeida 600k? , how much his price will grow?

Rasmus Fredriksson

Will the prices rise on Thursday after rewards? And if so, is it wise to sell some investments during that time?


Hey chief what is the reason for Almeida going onto ur top buys?


Why should we buy almeida


I have 350k, what investments should I consider during bf or leading up to it?


Chiefs top buy IFs, ready for SBCs, BF might be a chance to make a killing.


Sorry Chief but what are lightning rounds?


ah ok. Do u recommend to buy such packs with coins or is this coin wasting?


Is it likely that we will see a rebound in the market on BF? There seems to be too many people anticipating a crash and prices have already started going up for top-rated players

Raquel Amaro

Hi chief
I have some coins to invest
What you think its better, buy some rare gold 83, 84, 85 and 86 players and some informs players for the black friday SBC’s or should i keep the money and buy playersfor my team on Friday?


Hi Raquel Amaro,

first of all it depends on your team and if you need new players to have fun playing and be succesful.

If you don’t need the money for your team you can invest in a few players. I d take a look for very cheap 83/84 players and some discard informs.
I am waiting for thursday/friday to invest in those players because ’17 and ’18 the blackfriday sbcs came out on saturday and so the price is lowest on friday.
But actually thats kinda risky so i wouldn’t recommend that.

If you wanna know what exact players you should invest, feel free to ask.

Regards Fanone

Raquel Amaro

Hi Fanone
Thank you for the support. So can you say me the exact players that i should invest please? Thank you


I ll tell you what i am doing so you can think about it and see if its something you like or if you wanna do another strategy.

I am building concept teams for sbcs that i am suggesting.
-> low rated gold team with 90 chem (there is no profit here, because everyone can use any players)
-> 81+ rated gold team with 85 chem (try to build a team with players you can get for discard-price)
-> 82+ rated gold team with 85 chem (just buy players that are 800 gold, still make the squad so you can buy them on thursday/friday)
-> 83+ rated with 80 chem (players under 900 gold, buy them on thursday/friday morning)
-> 84+ rated with 70 chem (make the squad and wait for buying till thursday / friday morning)

-> invest in totw discards cards from today! – buy them till they go over 14k
(nationality: german, spanish, english, french)
(league: top 5 leagues)


Whats the best time to buy the high rated players and informs ?


Hi Chief,

Thanks for the nice investing tips. So far I made a modest amount of coins. I am really new to trading and since we are in the week leading up to BF I really donโ€™t know what to do with my coins. What to buy and what the best method of trading is right now… I get really confused. Can you help me??


I had OTW Mahrez got him for 220k sold yesterday for 255 now he is 275k shouldi buy him again and sell tomorrow before totw ? And also i have RTF Cuadrado got him for 239 now he is 275k should i sell for BF or should i wait


So should i sell cuadrado


Pleased that Almeida made it into top buys, as I already bought 10+ when he was at 11k some days ago ๐Ÿ™‚

I presume he is among the cheapest on his level and of course he has a decent nationality (easy to link with quaresma/nani for instance).


Should i Sell my Team before Black Friday ? Is there going To be a big Crash ?


How much we should buy almeida if ? in xbox, thank you chief


When will be the best time to sell ucl Busquets and IF Robertson?


Hi Chief!

Packed Pogba yesterday (PS4 438k). I really want De Bruyne (PS4 349k). Should I sell Pogba now, wait and sell after BF or go for both Pogba and De Bruyne?


Thank you! Elsewhere, as in De Bruyne, or someone else?


Yo chief, some youtubers say prices will fly up on Black friday because of the extra coins on the market from all those packs ( bought with FIFA points) Do you agree? Why? Thanks


Price will go down for low/mid rated players that are likely to be packed massively during lightening rounds.

For high-end players (such a CR7, and i’d say pogba, bale etc), everyone will want to buy them during BF so they will probably rise.

But in this period, no one can prevent exactly what can happens (especially since EA is doing their best to fuck up investors again and again).


Thats nonsense!

If you buy a pack you put new players to the market (if you don’t sell them or store them in your club). So in this case normally there are new players each weak that are almost equal to the coins that are given because of wl and so on.

On blackfriday there will be way more players than coins so in this case the price will drop!

No chance for going up.

Regards Fanone


Hey Chief, do you think that Philipp’s champions league to the final card will drop during black friday?