TOTW 10 Investments: Jedvaj/Orban

Players: Willi Orban and Tin Jedvaj

Reasoning: Although their nations don’t provide great links for SBCs, the fact that Orban and Jedvaj both play in the Bundesliga makes them highly valuable; we have seen Bundesliga inform requirements for both the Reus and Sancho POTM SBCs. I expect more of this going forward.

In addition, both of these players have good positions (CB and LB) that tend to rise more than others.

Given tomorrow is Black Friday, there will be ample opportunities to pick them up for good deals via snipe or bid.

Target BUY: 12k or less (buy during Black Friday lightning rounds)

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.




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Thoughts on Batshuayi and price? Good rating and league, fairly decent nationality.


there’s no sbc that doesn’t require a striker…

Radu Munteanu

Should i sell Sergio ramos today ? I have already like 500 k invested in your tips ? Thank you chief


What time do the lightening rounds start/end?


I Will buy some hunter and shadow chem styles tomrow as they are almost extinct now. What price should I roughly aim for?


Are chem styles profitable I take it? Do you have to snipe or is there better times to buy on the cheap?


Some are at 5k now. I hope to pick some of at half price tomorow and see them rise almost all the way back up in a month. Just want Chief’s 2cent on this


Chief, what sort of players should we be investing for black friday?


What do u think about ziyech?

Jermaine Shirazi

Packed VVD IF, will he drop alot cuz of totw sbc´s or will he hold value cuz of the increase in coins and he is an elite cb?


If there will be a tradeable IF +81 sbc that requires two IF and a 83 overall rating, team chem 30 (like last year on bf)
How much do you expect firpo, orban and chilwell will be?


I bought Partey IF for 35k do you think his price will rise ?


Chief, do you think 83/84s, in their current price, are good investments for a possible TOTW SBC?


When do flash SBCs come out

Yanhao Lu

Chief How do I get back my password? I’m a patreon. But I forgot the password


Hey Chief, you say to sell when we’re happy with the profit on players like IF Firpo and Almeida. I was wondering at what price or percentage of profit you personally are happy to sell players like that. For example, at 5k, 10k, 20k+ what you originally bought them for? Just curious.


How about investing in 88+ for mondays new icon sbc?


Chief, what do you consider to be ‘cheap’ 83 / 84?


Chief, do you consider to be ‘cheap’ 83 1,2k / 84 3,4k? Or I need to waiting the price going down to buy? (sorry for my bad english, it’s not my official league)


Should i sell orban for 14k?


They are at 15k now. Is it worth it to buy now


92 if hazard will he rise or drop


Who should we invest in now Chief?