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Duke Patterson

Do you expect the gold cards of these players prices to go up or down during this event? I figured up if anything because they wont be in packs, but could be wrong.


Hi chief,
When is the best time today to buy a squad for 1mil?


Has it got any impact on Orban and Jedvaj investments?


Have you heard that theres a huge chance EAs gonna make flash Ibra? What do u think about it?


What do you think will happen to totw 9 prices, as currently they are plummeting. Worth holding? (e.g Robertson, van dijk down to under 220k on xbox)


No LT, wtf EA I want to make money! :D


Hi, chief.
Im a pc player and have to say that BF on pc is sooo soooo sloow. Im about to buying Aubameyang should I do it today while lightning rounds is on or wait?


Ive invested in 86 rated players.
Do you think their price will go up ?


Hey again chief
Well indeed sbc came out and the prices are going up for most of my investments.
When do you think is the best time to get rid of them ?

Alex Simpson

I want to buy normal aubamayamg. Do I buy him during lightning rounds or wait a few days ?


I just packed Martial IF.. Should I sell it chief?


These SBCs have been poor so far… I don’t foresee the great returns I was expecting. Some profit at least.


I’ll hold onto my IF Sarabia’s for tomorrow, cheers Chief


I’ve bought 12x IF Jedvaj for prices 13-14k but on PC is it good?


Chief when are we meant to buy orban and jedvaj as their prices aren;t really going down to 12k?


Should i sell romagnoli, joao mario, rami, firpo, almeida and chilwell now? If not now when would be the right time to sell to maximise my profit?


When is the best time to sell 83/84’s?


Koulibaly’s dropped to about 140k. He usually goes for 280k+ regularly and is considered as the best CB in Serie A.

Do you reckon it’d be a good idea to grab a few at 140k and then sell the next wkl when he is out of packs? Even if he bounces back to 190-200k it’s about 50k profit per card.

– Cheers


Yes Black Friday. I made 1.2m :)


Is IF Olsen a good investment for 12k? He is a Swedish IF so if Flashback Ibra is released, then he would surely be needed. If Ibra is not released, than at the very least Olsen would be a good discard IF for 12k right?

ZiHesk - Allan Silva

Hey man,new here,I am from Brazil..
I have 3kk Team,and 200k doing nothing,I’m wondering what’s the best investment to do now..I would sell my team if I could turn this 3kk into 6,7 or 8..
My friend told me about that hector,if I have done that,i would have 10kk now..
I’m searching youtube/twitter and a lot of stuff,but I can’t find the one that I trust,and u seems trustworthy..sorry about my english.What should i do?
waiting for the next team of the week tip,great work and site!


Will prices of players like Auba go lower? Cheers