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How do you feel about Santi Cazorla? That’s if his price lowers during rewards.


Chief do you think Lang will have same sort of rise as Hector did in the bundesliga potm release? I bought bunch of him for 12-13k, recon he will rise?


Ar u ded lol?


Gone into hiding after people sold their teams and can’t but them back now


Sold my team and bought it back for half the price


Alexander-Arnold vs Caligiuri: Good Position, Good Nation, Good League, Good Rating

Thinking Caligiuri might settle with a cheaper BIN for investing.

Yes, No, Maybe?


Santi Mina

I think they are good investment.


Jedvai and firpo do u think we can sell them with a win


Good thing I didnt pay to be a a Patreon this site is dead everyone should look up NickFutMarket he gives free GOOD advice unlike Chief the only good thing he told us to invest in was Jonas Hector the rest were all crap. Chief will probably regret being a sell out and asking money from us. I’m pretty sure his Patreons are making loss after loss XD.


Im a patreon sitting on over 10m transfer profit for the first time ever in years of playing ultimate team. Hope that gives you a little bit of insight. Chief is currently away for a few days and I’m sure he would address some of the passive aggressive comment you have been leaving here.


I am a patreon too (less then 1 month). 4 million coins right now, without Hector.


Silvestre , good price, league and nation.
For 12K cant go wrong ;-).


Whoโ€™s best to invest in

benjamin hansen

I think that silvestre is the best to invest in, good nation, league and position


You want to know what to invest in?

This TOTW is pretty nice for Traders. First there are the under 13k Players with Good Leagues (Lang, Silvestre, Cucurella & Lukebakio). Here shouldnt exist any risk at all.

Than you might get some 83+ Informs for under 20k (Caligiuri, Pavlenka, Santi Mina, Santi Cazorla). This one is a bit more risky, depends on your coins and what you wanna do.

Summed up:
Lang under 12.5k
Silvestre under 12k
Cucurella under 11k
Lukebakio under 11k
Caligiuri under 20k
Pavlenka under 19.5k
Santi Mina under 18.5k
Santi Cazorla under 19.5k


Hello Chief, I packed De Bruyne (champions league card) on the ps4. He is going for 670k atm. Should I sell now or wait a little bit for him to rise eventually (in a couple of days). Thanks!


I’m interested in your patreon. But can you give me some information about it? I saw a post about the patreon changes that the icon patreon is sold out. So its availble on january 1st? How much coins should i have to start with?


Hey Chief,
Hope you had a good few days away. Just wondered the IF’s you’ve suggested in Firpo, Almeida and in some regards Orban, are they just like inevsting in discard IF’s or are you suggesting we hold on to them until an sbc requires them?


I sold on the next day for 18k. Nice fast profit


Hey Chief,
Hope you had a good vacation…I’ve Just unpacked Thauvin IF…what do u think about him? Price Yesterday was 180k now 110k…what do u suggest?


Thanks chief…I have also Suso Szcezny 86 Santi Mina Cucurella and Finotto, all IF…what about them? I have to sell Suso and Szcezny and hold the others?