TOTW 11 Investment: Mooy

Player: Aaron Mooy

Reasoning: Premier League informs always have value because of the BPL POTM. The Australian midfielder should gradually rise in value leading up to the December 14th announcement (here are the candidates).

If he is required for the POTM SBCs, he will go up. If not, he will decrease. Make your own decisions in regards to whether you sell in the hype or wait and gamble.

Target BUYLess than 15k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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hi chief, caligiuri and silvestre how much can we buy ??


I did not understand, for what price can we buy it ? Mooy is less than 15k, and the others ??


is there any other way to pay for the patron instead of creditcard? If i do paypal is says i need to add a credidcard


Bought 8 Mooy and 6 Lang on this TOTW.
I`m not a big coin guy, so just hoping they will pay of.

Sitting on:

6 Lang, bought at 12K
6 Orban bought at 13K
6 Jedvaj bought at 13K
8 Mooy bought at 13.5K

Keep the tips coming, they have bought me a nice serieA team so far 🙂 tnx!



today i finally made a £1m !

i cant say this is all done via trading as ive been lucky with a couple of pack pulls via SBCs.

I am wondering now though – how i trade further. Do i buy higher value players with a higher yield ( but take on more risk) or keep it going with IF’s leading up to POTM etc.


any discard informs to focus on during this totw?

Karim Al Tobgy

what is the buy price for Silvestre?


What to do with Orban and Jedvaj?
Hold for Bundes POTM?

Tommy Hovstøl

u just told them to buy these players?!?!?!?!


Is it a non risky investing, if i buy 81 rated Butelle Totw for 10k. Should i make coins in the future if i do this investment?

Yous G

Any thoughts on IF Caligiuri? Worth a shot?

If so, what price should I be looking to buy him at?

Morten Hansen

What about Firpo? What are you thinking sell/or stay for comming SBC?

benjamin hansen

Hello Chief!
I have invested 2m coins in bernado Silva inform, u Think that is a bad idea?
When this month is out i go pay to the patreon!


What about Cazorla and Mina ? Good nations and league.


Hi chief,

Any thoughts of Barkley and ChilwellIF will rise due sterling potm ?


Hello, you think that Orban will go to the top or sell it. Regards


Hi Chief how long should we hold IF Jedvaj?? I’m assuming his price will slowly increase as he isn’t in packs but he’s well stocked on the market and I’m tempted to get rid to invest in other items…

Keep up the good work


What about investing in 85-90 rated players ? theres hype about a new Icon set being released today or tomorrow that would require high squads ?


Hi chief! One off topic question from me….. When will be next potm release?


How about lang?

Is he a good look?


So the player picks you advise, you’re saying we should sell them when they’re out of packs invest in the other discard (potentially sbc) IF’s for the next TOTW and repeat?


By this do you mean the top buys reccomenddd eg Silverste pardon spelling, mooy etc
And then when their informs are no longer on packs sell and repeat with new totw unless ofc price is still projecting up


Chief do you like batshuayi as a hold at 19k or less? Good rating, good nation, good league. Icon sbc or anything requiring high rated in forms coming up?


Hey Chief

What’s the safest invesment for potm bpl november?

IF mooy or high rated city players as Bernardo or Kompany?