TOTW 11 Investment: Caliguiri

Player: Daniel Caligiuri

Reasoning: Time and time again, we have seen inform full backs rise substantially after leaving packs. Playing RWB, Caliguiri is the next great look. He links well with some of the cheapest players for their respective ratings (Naldo, Veratti, Bonucci, Chiellini, etc).

In addition, Caligiuri looks decent statistically. There aren’t many quality RBs in the Bundesliga, and many people could look to incorporate him in their squads.

Target BUY: 18,000 coins or less.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Hey Chief,

I still have some some German discard IFs. All of them are going for a ton on the market and some aren’t listed on the market at all.

I know you don’t have a crystal ball. But would you expect these to keep the current price? I wonder if the supply and demand of German IFs will even out in the near future causing these to lose value.

Sorry if you have answered this before.



He is going for 19.5k, will he go lower on Sunday or Sunday,wondering when is the best time to buy?


I bought a UCL Live Lingard for 90k should i sell now or hold?


What do you think about lang 81 ?


What’s a good price for IF Christian Stuan?i can see him rising a lot for icon abc


I’ve got inform sane in my team if he gets POTM will his price drop or will it rise


Hi Chief

He is at 22k right now. Do you think it is still good?
Or which other player would recommend and at what price

thanks and cheers


Hi Chief!

Been investing in alex-arnold for max 28k, would be good if sterling gets potm right?


Chief can I ask in general for TOTW investments if I don’t have a lot of capital e.g. 200k. How much profit should I be aiming for per TOTW card before pulling out or investing in something else?


Hi chief
IF Caligiuri is going for 21500 which is the cheapest price. Should i still invest on him


Chief, is Pavlenka a good investment for a future Bundesliga POTM? I managed to snipe for 18k on Xbox. Should I wait for totw 12 instead? Much Appreciated.


IF Jedvaj still a good investment at around 12-13k? When will bundlesliga potm be releases?


how about hain?

is he a decent investment for the bundesliga potm?


Hey chief,

I bought him for around 23k do you think I can still make profit?


hi i bought some Caliguiri for 18000 and for 22000. and now he is sold for 24000. Will his price go up more. When he happens, he will come up in 30000 or more. when will I sell he wants to get as much as possible out of him. or should I sell him now for a small profit. and invest instead in TOTW12 players. thankful for your reply thanks 🙂 i got a ps4


Okay thanks 🙂