Q & A Tuesday – Week 12

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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hi chief, uefa champions league premium sbc has leaked and christmas sbc’s are in the month… 83’s players are very low in price right now, do you think they worth investing special pl cb’s?


What’s your thoughts on the possible requirements for the Sterling POTM? Is Otamendi still the best option to invest you think? Thanks


Hi Chief,

I was thinking to become a monthly subscriber, is it necessary to use the webapp? Or can I trade through mobile as well?


Is Firpo still worth holding on to as an investment?


When do you think the legend patreon tier will be available for purchase again?

Kind regards.


Hey Chief,

assuming the Uefa Europe & Champions League Premium and Team of the Tournament SBCs is coming, what kind of invests would you make today?

Do you think, its a good invest to buy UCL Non-Rares and Rares?

Thank you.


Hello Chief,
Thanks a lot for your side, make a lot of coins with you!
One question:
The last sbcs were very general with the players who were needed – will fifa make a cut with the Investments?
And should we sell our mooys, chilwells and arnolds during the Hype bevor the potm get released?
Greetings from Germany.


Hi, Chief. I just have 100k coins in my club right now. What’s the best way to invest all my coins to get high profit?


Bernardo silva and gundogan, i also have 100k, and i will buy those 2 these thursday, silva under 5k and gudogan under 4k


I have 2.2mil what would the best investment be for me to go all out on? With potm not long to go and possibly icon sbc


Going all out on one card could be a disaster bro… spread the investments… IFs, Rare UCLs, High rated golds, flip Icons etc

Josh Skey

Do you think that buying IF’s of potential POTM is a good idea? And if so, when should you sell if they become POTM?

Hugo Batista

Hi Chief, i invested in Jedvaj, Orban and Mooy. Should i wait the Icons 3 SBC, Bundesliga POTM and Premier League POTM to sell them, or i should already sell for a small profit?


I have a team with NIF Niangolan, IF Martial, IF Lukaku and Chielinni. I am going on holiday untill Christmas. Is it best to sell my team and sit on coins? Or invest in your top buys? Or leave the team as it is?


Just packed verrati do you think i should sell or wait


Why hasn’t there been any market crash yes? And when do you Think the first one comes?


I have 35-40 UCL rares 80-84 rated on my transferlist. I bought them a couple of weeks ago as investment. Do you think it will be worth holding them a week more for the last UCL-round of the year?

Raquel Amaro

What do you think its better, invest on the UEFA CL sbc’s or wait and invest tomorrow on players from TOTW 12?


Want to do the alves sbc. Will his price go up a lot in the next 2 days?


How does the “invest in TOTW 12” work?
I invest today/tomorrow in players that maybe will TOTW players, and then the prices go up and for how long? Plus when is the best time to sell again?


Shark team coach

Who’s gonna be potm epl last month chief? Is it silva or sterling? Because I have both special card.


Do you reckon david silva would have a chance? 3 goals too and firpo could tie in with it.

Michael Berry

do you think its a good idea to buy 10+ of Sterling and wait for POTM? If he win the titel, then the price will increase on him? Is is a to big risk to do?