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John Flame

Hi Chief,

Terrode and Torunarigha looking like the best investments this week? Maybe Faehrman if his price is low enough? Anyone else look good? Thanks for your help, already over 2mil transfer profit thanks to you, and I am just a recreational player.


Hernandez 13-14k and Terodee 13k good?


hey, got about 40k rn and thinking about investing into raheem. got walker used on my team but if his prices rises if sterling,sane, or silva get potm, i’d sell him if i can make more then 100k off of him. would cashing all on raheem be worth it or should i go for discard epl if. if so who? thank you, just found this website and lookin to actually make profit following your tips


Wow rm bondes
Gnabry gonna be high in few weeks


Sup chief, you think Torunarigha is a good look? He’s a german fullback in Bundesliga? Eventho his rating is kinda low

Joseph Martin

Should I buy a bunch of caligiuris and mooy’s rn and for what price?


hey chief , on wich player should we invest

Mark Joey

Should I spend all 2 mil I have on caligiuri? What price should I buy him for?


Whats a good price for Bakayoko and Fahrmann?


What do you think about fährmann? Cost 32k at the moment


What about Stuani, 85 playes less than 30k? Cheaper than the 83


Hey Chief what do you think about Hernandez? right now is 16-17k and with the BPL POTM coming up could be a good look as Hazard’s required lots of BPL players and IFs


Thorgoon is going to catch you 😜


hello I bought Bakayoko for 36000. Will he increase in price?. if he does, how much do you think he will increase in price. thankful for your reply thanks 🙂


When does POTM Sterling come out?


Who says its going to be Sterling ?


He is english so its most likely that are gonna people vote for him. Also he was a little more hyped than sané so I think its gonna be him.


Ramirez is the best look. Less than 14k


Hi chief.
Mo Salah’s scored 3 goals and he has a chance to appear in the next TOTW. Is it worth to buy some and then sell during TOTW13?