TOTW 12 Investment: Torunarigha

Player: Jordan Torunarigha

Reasoning: While my minimum rating for investing in discard informs is typically 81, EAs tendencies in FIFA 19 have changed that. This year, we have seen more SBCs than ever before. These challenges often require informs, and as they are submitted into the SBCs their prices rise (see prices of 75-80 rated defender informs here).

In addition to having a good position, Torunarigha is also German. If his price increases at even a fraction of what Hector and Howedes have, you will make some good profit.

Target BUY: 12.5k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Is it worth buying him for 14k?


But on ps4 he is already abouve 14k


Hey Chief,

It seems very likely that Raheem Sterling is gonna get POTM, do you think that Tammy Abraham is a good look because of that? He’s only 12k and I could see them including an England squad requiring an IF.


Are there any more from TOTW 12 to invest in?

Lucas Added

For how much would you say to buy Vida, chief!?


What’s your reasoning on Vida chief? Bad league, not a great nation?


Simon Terodde and Hernandez good investments what price?


you think it’s the best time to sell the investments made in Mooy


Another question! Any investments tips on the upcoming MM today?


Hey, i was a mod in your discord and for some reason i got banned. Is it possible to get unbanned?

John Flame

What did he do, Chief?


I only have 1k. What are some players or ways I can get myself up to that 12k so I can snipe torun?


Bruh, hes 16k. I would rather get hit by a plane than snipping Jordan Torunarigha for 12,5k.


Is otamendi at 19k on ps4 a good investment?


Hi chief!
Im trading on pc and have bought a few David Silva for ~45k. Will he rise due to POTM EPL, Futmas? He is ~51k now.


cant snipe him at all


Hey Chief, do you think it’s a good idea to start investing for BPL SBC? Some teams are pigeon-holed at certain positions such as Cardiff City where a lot of Silvers are already nearing extinction


What 86+ prices will be like during TOTGS? Gonna go down?


Yo Chief, I have a medium (90) Butragueno card, I would love to keep it to the end of the game (26 played, 63 goals, big game changer for me) but I’m also afraid to lose some money if EA interfere with the Icon market anytime soon. Should I sell it now for a high price or could I wait like til Saturday after I play my FUT champions matches? I’m kinda worried the 4th Icon SBC will cost me big money this very Friday..
Thx in advance,
Greetings from Brazil!


Does the market drop permenant, or is it a temporary drop and rise back to normal levels? Would you advise selling all high rated gold’s in squad and buying back?


So sell my valuable gold’s and buy back during the pack promotion?


Cheers chief


Thank you so much Chief! Already sold my great valuables and I hope tomorrow I will be able to buy them a lil bit cheaper and also make some smart investments.. gonna stay tuned to your tips!


Hey Chief,

Curious if tomorrow with the TOTGS release would be a good time to buy my team (Messi, Bale, Ramos etc) or should I hold off until the Futmas event?


he is never below 13k even right after wl reward come out. dont you think 12.5k is too optimistic.


Do u think Pogba, De Bruyne, Hazard, Salah and other high rated BPL players go down in price under TOTGS. Thinking to sell my hole squad and buy it again later tonight. Good or bad?


Bought ederson for 18 k and 17k. Keep or sell?


Do you think inform di maria will increase in price? I bought him for 73k.