UCL Investment: Grimaldo

Player: Grimaldo

Reasoning: Recently, EA has released an abundance of UCL Player Pack SBCs. This supply has caused prices of UCL players, such as Grimaldo, to drop in price. In a few days, these UCL Player Packs will likely conclude as we transition into the FUTMAS promotion. Supply for UCL cards will be cut off once again.

In case you are new to Ultimate Team, the FUTMAS promotion entails LOADS of SBCs (see last year’s SBC schedule here). These daily challenges cause for drastic price fluctuations due to specific requirements.

The players that tend to rise the most for these SBCs? Fullbacks from good nations. This is due to the fact that there are an extremely limited supply of cheap, high rated fullbacks in FIFA. Additionally, Grimaldo’s nation (Spain) is easily linkable in SBCs.

Target BUY: Less than 3,000 coins

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Is Savic, glik and kolarov all UCL cards u recommend for investment?


When are you going to sell


Hey Chief, I am currently saving all my coins and restricting myself from buying any players because a lot of people say the prices of GOLD will drop. Is this true? I’m waiting til Christmas so I can buy Rakitic, Isco, Godin, etc. I’ve noticed that you said there will be a lot of SBC’s released, but will that increase the prices of the GOLD? What are your thoughts?


Just replying to your comment to my response, do you think I should wait for the next 3 weeks before I buy players like GOLD rakitic, isco, kroos, godin?


I’m new to trading, I’ve just been doing it with cheap informs and making 2/3 k which I’m happy for with, I’m thinking of investing in the gold players you posted, how much can I expect them to rise so i can judge when I’m happy to sell, thank you.


Is it a good idea to invest in players like sturridge, verdi and lovren for potential UCL marquees?


How do you think about the prices (Glik / savic, Kolarov less than how much?)

William Perry

I packed SIF Szczesny a while back when is a good time to sell?


Hi Chief,
the Mooy TOTW Card didn´t rise up. What do you think about the MOOY investment sell or wiat for a few days because of the Sterling POTM?


Is Champions League Hysaj a good look as well?