Q & A Tuesday – Week 13

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Shiuld i buy live carts thad drop to europa league?


What about buying op ucl cards that are in teams that will probably be knocked out the ucl. Surely they will go out of packs and supply will be tiny.


I have prime Shearer, whilst he’s great for me I’m worried that the impending Icon set 4 will make his price crash. Would you sell just in case? Thanks!


Potm november prediction

Sterling or Sane?

Best investment?


how about inforn Ramirez in Serie league? thanks


Hi chief.
Reached GOLD2 in last weekend league with a 23k team, but it was an hard fight on each match. I’m not really excited when i think i’ll have to do it again next week, but i’m afraid to loose much coins if i buy a team for futchamp in the futmas week.

Will main players like Pogba, Van Dijk etc are going to drop a lot ?

Will “big” informs drop a lot too ? Meunier,Marquinhos, Van Dijk, Hulk

Will small informs drop aswell ? Pato, Guarin, Talisca, Alisson, etc


Hey chief, i’m going overseas for about 6 weeks so i won’t be on for a while. Who do u think are good people to buy so i can sell them when i return and make lots of profit?


what’s should have been the target selling price for GKs of the likes of Szcesny, Perin, etc (84 rated) over the FUTMas?


Hey Chief,

I am a newbie, just started playing a week ago, so I do not have a lot of coins and also not a lot of experience on the market. I bought Torunarigha x3 in the past days. When do you expect to see his price rising?


Hi Chief,

Just packed Nesta 90 in my clash battle rewards, first time I got this lucky! I am quite interested in playing with him, but I was wondering if you think his price would drop in the coming weeks. Also, I have Scholes 89, same hesitation…


Precision: I bought Scholes 89 for 640k a month and a half ago.


Chief, should i sell my Alex Telles. Kimpembe and Renato Sanches UCL live during the hype or after they got the upgrade?


Will ifs crash during futmas and if so shall we sell now or after?Thanks


as in 77-83ifs used mostly for sbcs. Sorry for not being specific. Thanks


A good player for 10k to invest in?


Hi Chief!
Trying to understand what event/sbc made UCL cards rise from like 3k to 14k in previous month?

Could You help? Thanks!


I have an 81 rated IF hanni and I was wondering when would be the prime time to sell him? Now or when futmas comes around and all the sbc’s will need IF. Thanks Chief!


Do you think TOGS Eriksen will keep dropping? Or when do you think he will rise up again?


What do you think about investing in IF Bernardo Silva for the bpl potm?


whats the target price for otamendi?


Hey Chief, is IF Terodde a great look as well?