TOTW 13 Investment: Abdoulaye Touré

Player: Abdoulaye Touré

Reasoning: Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Check out these graphs of near discard 81-82 rated inform players from TOTW 13 in FIFA 18.

With so many FUTMAS SBCs, the supply of these players was quickly depleted in the 2 weeks following their release into packs.

Having a good league and nation, I expect more of the same this year for Touré.

Target BUY: 12,000 coins or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Chief, I have sorted on a pack normal Kroos, should I sell now or take the opportunity to invest on more cards like this to FUTMAS? Thank you.


Hey chief, got 84 if Arnautovic in my team. hes priced at 42k rn. will spend about 20k on otw fred for my team. should i sell now and invest for futmas or hold him and sell during futmas. Thanks!


Who do you think is better look for upcoming sbcs,him or torunarghia?


How much for de vrij?

John Flame

Hi Chief,

Recommended buy price for De Vrij and reasoning? Thanks, love your advice.


hi, chief when the UCL upgrades go live and everyone splashes their cards on the market, Do you think that would be a good flipping opportunity?


How about Loftus-Cheeck TOTGS for 9.9k

Quinten Oosthoek

do you think toure is worth picking up for 14k?


Hi chief, when do the 83/84 cards usually hit there peak? Is it mid futmas when supply has dwindled?


Hey Chief. I bought around 20 players of each If toure, tarkowski and Torunarigha with your pricing, but I’m a bit worried cuz their prices are decreasing now! What shall I do? Need some help

Karim Al Tobgy

Same here Omar. Will hold as the chief said. HOLD ON BRO!

Jason Ranjitkumar

Hey Chief, this isn’t about investing but perhaps you could advise. I want to buy pogba and he’s around the 385k mark at the moment. Do you think his price will hit 350k during Futmas? I am mainly looking to use him until a week before TOTY.


On XBOX, 12250 good enough for toure? Not playing till mid january is there profit in it. will put 2.5mil into them if you think


Cheers Chief, going to get 1mil worth, was looking into perfect links as they did one that needed some for black friday, and heads up on that?

Jason Ranjitkumar

Toure curretly 14k. Advise selling or waiting?