TOTW 13 Investment: Tarkowski

Player: James Tarkowski

Reasoning: FUTMAS will likely begin on Friday. With it comes tons of desirable player SBCs. To make these SBCs expensive, EA tends to require informs.

Not only is Tarkowski one of the cheapest 83 rated informs, he also has a good league (BPL), good nation (England), and good position (CB).

Target BUY: 18k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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What do you think about Frantz? Got 30 for 12k and less on PC.


Thanks Chief. Sniping some Tarkowski’s now. The prices on PC are tragic, they want 20k for him 🙁
Got 4 for 18,5k so far.


Is it worth holding on to standard Otamendi cards for the futmas SBCs?


Dear Chief ! What do you think IF Mooy ?! I stocked for the BPL POTM, its usable for FUTMAS SBCs ? Sell it or keep ? Thanks your answer.


I am keeping my 30 IF Mooy’s(bought 7 days ago) for potential Futmas SBC’s. 1k profit due to the POTM is not enough for me…


What about Donnaruma (81) and méndez (79)…Are they good to invest?


Donnaruma is from ITA2 league, as well as strikers do not rise the most in price for the SBC’s. So two negative points already.


Hey chief! Brazilian player here, Always looking for your tips. Do you think Charles totw 13 is a good investiment? If yes, can you sugest a target price?

Mighty Martin

Hi chief, what’s the appropirate price to buy de Vrij? Usually I hold 84 rated cards under 2,600. Can I get him under 2,600 now? I haven’t bought him for a long time, for people in PC always take him away in almost 4,000…


How about Delaney? similar profile to Demirbay who turned out a great investment


Hey chief,

should I sell my team of players like thaigo silva, buffon, casemiro, fernandinho etc or will they increase in price during futmas due to being some of the cheapest at their respective ratings?


Will high rated players for example de bruyne, pogba, hazard and salah go up in price during futmas or will they go up for this week weekend league?


Can you plz check my twitter message and look at my team that and say if they are going to go up in the near future? Twitter name @olde84
or look at my team through the link


Hey Chief,

How much do you think Tarkowski will go to?


What 84s do you suggest now, I am behind on my investments got only some Tarkowski’s below 18K and only that


Wouldn’t his price be inflated due to the sterling sbc?


I got 3 for 17.5k and 1 grimaldo for 3k. Also a savic off a pack. At their peak do you think I will make More thank 30k profit? Thanks for the help! I’m a new investor and some help is always needed. Cheers!


what are your thought on Mata? currently 27k or less


Seriously, what is up with the market? 84 IF don’t even make profit, 84 nif players don’t even sell for 4k.

Jason Ranjitkumar

Shit SBCs so far. Firmino the only decent one so far. there’s still like 14 days of SBCs left. They’ll go up suddenly when there’s a good SBC. I sold about 20 Miranda’s at 14.5k each, I bought him a week ago for 9.5k. The IF’s will rise with time as they don’t have a constant supply. It will reach peak high price probs towards the end. Look at the Chief’s pic with the graphs.


Tarkowski down to 16k on PS4. Hopefully he will rise a bit soon!


Hey Chief!
I bought 55 Tarkowsky less than 18k. Is smart sell him now and lose some coins or waiting a little bit? I dont need these coins now.
My fear is the price going down drasticly and lose more than I lose now(I will lose about 50K now).
I think until the final the month will appear new ICONS SBC’s and I will can sell them. What do you think?