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What a f*cking joke EA not requiring special Reus. Its a total fist for people who did the first POTM.
They’re def getting worst and worst each day.

Anyway, i’m holding a lot of bundesliga IF (even if tonuhariga 78 wont rise a lot i’d say, too low, i have fahrman, pavlenka, caligiuri, terodde) and 84 IFs. What will be the best timing to sell them ? I mean when the hype is usually the highest and price peak ?


Hopefully with Futmas it can save your butt


Should I sell and take the big fat loss on Torunarigha or wait?

John Flame

Should we buy more Torunarigha since he is bottoming out due to this joke of an SBC?

I mean EA and the Bundesliga arguably got it wrong every month so far. Change is needed to not bias towards the biggest clubs. This is why the Bundesliga isn’t what it should be. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE BUNDESLIGA PLAYERS.

George Thomas

Invested heavy on Torunarigha and EA have any chance of a tidy profit.


unrelated, but i have a team with KDB, nainggolan and other meta players, and i’m not playing weekend league this weekend. should i sell them today and buy them back after sunday? will meta golds drop in price with futmas?



Whats a good price for 85 IF Stuani and Valeri?

Josh Cox

Problem with stuani is bloody nationality so I’d be careful get him at proper cheapest price possible like 22 23 maybe if can ovcourse it’s a gamble cause if he needed for a laliga SBC hell absolutely fly