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Per Christian

Chief, Iโ€™ve bought loads of Caligirius thinking he would rise, because of the new Bundesliga Potm. But he has gone down 4 K. Will he rise or should i sell?


When do you expect 83/84 players to peak? Some 83s are about 3k now, will they go much higher?


Hi chief, sorry for the OT, but i completed my WL games, should I sell my team with some losses (mix of high rated meta golds and high rated IF) and wait for further crashing in the market or should I keep it? No commitment here, just would like your opinion.


I have invested quite alot in torunarigha. I brought for 12k or less i could sell him at 14k now for a nice little profit or do you think he will go up more and worth holding on to for a bit longer?


I bought like 8 Tarkowski and one Toure, when do you think is the best time to sell them?


When is the best time to โ€œimportโ€ the club on Futbin in regards to the daily futmas sbc? 2 hours after release or? Thanks!!


Mbappe keeps dropping when do you think he will rise up again?


Hi chief. High rated gold cards (Mbappe, De Bruyne, Pogba,…) are decreased a lot this weekend. Do hou think there will be a rebound or do you think prices will keep decreasing till the end of TOTY?


chief, i invested in 86-89 ratings. Got profit ~15-20%. When should i sell? Should I wait for better futmas, which will require higher rating?