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Maurício Mozdzen

OMG… look at this Kondogbia… It’s a ICON. Just put shadow.


There were a couple of Perisic going for under 10k. I think you should tell people about it. I got 2 for 9k and as he is 86 rated he always cam go up

John Flame


Any worth investing in? Many look too expensive, but Pulisic looks to be the cheapest UCL and Mathieu and Moreno play each other; could be a good hedge. Thoughts?


Hey chief, Kondogbia is one of the most used cards in this year, and now his base card will not be in packs for 10 days, should I invest him in addition to Tete and Blind?

Hamzeh Mohammed

I’ve got a rebić road to the final. Should I sell it or keep it


Would investing in the base cards of any RTTF players be a good idea since they are not in packs?


Packed costa , sell or wait for potential upgrade? Would spend the money on my team rather than investing elsewhere


Hey Chief, will the prices of high rated informs fall due to TOTY?

Nathan Gould

Hey chief should I hold onto my RTTF philipp or sell it