TOTW 14 Investment: Tete

Player:ย Kenny Tete

Reasoning:ย As an 82 rated inform, Tete always has value due to SBC usability. In addition, his good league (Ligue 1), nation (Netherlands), and position (RWB) make him easily linkable for these challenges.

Target BUY:ย 14k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit.



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14k or less on PC also?


Best time to sell would be around next Wednesday, correct? Thanks for the help!!!


Chief I still have a bunch of IF Torunarghia’s on my transfer list. I know that I have missed the best time to sell them which was in the Bundesliga POTM hype when they were selling for 14.5k.

Do you think he could reach that price point again, especially since TOTW SBC’s will be coming? Or should I just take the loss and move on? Maybe invest in this IF Tete instead?


Simeone the Argentinian striker in totw, good league good nation 82 rated? 12k, good price or is tete the more effective investment?


Why edit out Blind? I don’t think anyone can expect every single investment to work out, but would be good to leave it there for transparency, and maybe even a bit of commentary as to why it didn’t work out. Not taking shots.


Hi, first time investing since 2015 – no SBCs and such back then. What should I look out for when selling IF Tete? Thanks!


hi chief you can write here when it’s time and good opportunity and sell tete. it would be appreciated. thanks


Oki oki thanks