Q & A Tuesday – Week 15

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Who are your favourite IFs to invest in atm? I already have Ings and Torunarigha, looking to invest more in other IFs.


When is best time to buy and sell teams? I know usable players might go up on Thursdays during rewards but for the most part there is a market crash so buy then? Also, i feel like selling in the middle of weekend league is when prices of players might be a little higher because people are playing games instead of on market. Is this correct?

Daniel Ferrari

Should I sell my top players (example Ramos/280k) now? If so, when will the market get steady so It’ll be sensate to rebuy them all?


When is TOTY?


Hey chief, I have some Toure IF’s from last week TOTW. Should I wait for a Totw tradeable sbc to sell them? Or sell now and buy tete?


What are you having for Christmas dinner, Chief?


Do you think any SBCs are gonna drop before the champions league knockout rounds that require the champs leagues cards, i have a feeling something might drop before the, if so should i invest in cards from good teams/leagues


When sould i sell ucl grimaldo?


What are you thoughts on blind? I missed the hype and he dropped back to 700. You think he will rise more? And UCL Grimaldo? Have him now for a few weeks on my transferlist. When will he rise?


Why is Glik and Savic on your top buys? Amy special reasons?


Hi,Chief!When should i sell my 83 investments,now in the hype or when the totw sbc come?


When should i sell my 83 investments?


Best time to start looking to sell IF Tete?


Hi Chief, thanks for the quick response and hope you enjoy your Christmas! Follow-up question – fairly new to investing, generally are prices lowest for regular/rare golds on Monday after SB rewards, and cheapest during WL? Or do I have that backwards?

Basically trying to ask, generally speaking, when in the week is the market at its lowest/highest and why?

And also, generally, do we buy IF cards the week they are in packs and sell the week after or wait for an SBC?


Hello, i cant join to discord for some reason please help 🙁


Heya, what do you think about Carvajal 84? Thx


When should I sell gold kroos? He’s mostly unavailable in the market and going for his max (95k). I believe it is mainly due to the high requirements for the de Bruyne sbc, but will the lack of availability over the day and need for other high rated sbcs continue to increase his price?

André Amaro

Where are today futmas cards?


Its Christmas. EA let you dinner with the family 🙂

Willy D

Chief, do you think the price of SIF Lala will drop in the case he receives a third in form on the back of his two assist performance this week? If so would it be wise to sell now? Thank you


Brand new to investing. Sitting on 100k. As of this moment, where do I invest? I see some posts about getting Grimaldo for under 1,000…. Glik and savic…. Other thoughts? Thanks for any help and Merry Christmas to you!

G wild

I’ve sold 1 of my teams for 1.5mil who should i invest in want to try double that be toty