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Hi Chief, around what time do you think Alex Sandro IF and UCL will be the cheapest?


Oh right, so no time for rise up by tomorrow with Futchamp. Thanks! I will avoid it then and see what happened

Boss Canlin

Just to wanted to thank you for all the coins you have helped me get. I bought a load of Tarkowskis in forms and did not sell him when I should have (he peaked at 28k on christmas). Hes now down to 21k on xbox. Do you think his price will rise again? Thanks.

Mohamed Safwat Abdullah

Hello chief
What is your recommendation about players to invest?

Mohamed Safwat Abdullah

You will tell us tomorrow?


Anyone you recommend in that totw? That French left midfielder looks good if you can pick him up tomorrow on discard during rewards


What do you think will be Son’s IF cheapest price?


hello chief do you think calleri is a good investment? he has good league and good country can link to messi. if it does matter. have bought some of him for 10250 K. is it good? thanks


Do you think Grimaldo is a good investment? A Spanish 84-rated LB with great stats although no meta green links.


Grimaldo and Perrin are good :)


When do you think is best time to sell the 81 Informs? Today or Saturday?


What do you think will be Lala’s TIF cheapest price?


Is it a good idea to pick up any player at 10 k or bellow looking back there’s no players in past team of the weeks less then 12 k maybe 11.5


Hey chief just found your site and you seem to be very helpful. Do you think picking up an IF pogba and some IF lala or alex sandros on sunday or monday could be a good investment as they are very good and will be out of packs soon. Thank you. Happy holidays.


Ok thanks so much I will look for it, if pogba drops a lot I still think I might risk it. And also do you think picking up ucl son’s is a good idea in case he gets potm and you need a special son? Thanks