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I started to sell my saved 83 gold players, what do you think chief?


Should I sell my 83 players right now or wait few hours?


Hey chief, now that the TOTW SBC is out Tete rose to 16k, will he continue going up and when should I sell?

Mads Bjerre

I’m going on vacation next week and will not be able to play before January 10th. Should i sell my team and buy it back again later?


i’m picking foster 84 ifs for 19 max at pc,what do you think?


Chief, bought 200 gliks and 200 savics today at 1200, gonna wait until the weekend since the sbc is repeatable to sell, thanks!, also tete do you think this weekend will be his peak price? Since you require informs, when should I sell him, Danny ings and simeone, thanks!


When should I invest in that new totw, Sunday during squad battle rewards?


How did you buy more than 150 players? I can only buy 100 for the transfer list and 50 for the transfer targets


do you think its a good idea to do any of this sbcs?


Why not pay for the tradable TOTW sbc? Cost about 40k and value about 80k. I am new and donโ€™t have cash to handle the variance but if you can do it say 10 times the payoff would be huge and risk manageable.

I plan for doing the nontradable TOTW sbc and save for the PL heavy TOTW next week as I run PL squads.


Sum of all informs (about 1.85 million) divided by 23 (number of players).

One assumption I made is that packing each of the TOTW players has the same likelihood. May be very wrong….?


are the prices of informs gonna drop? if so, when are they gonna be the lowest?

Willy D

Hey chief, I packed IF Parejo. Do you think it is best to sell now and reinvest or hold? Thank you!

Aqib Zafar

Hey Chief, i packed if alex sandro.
Do you think it is best to sell now and reinvest or hold?


Kim shim

You lucka one i would keep Sandro 88 if. I have him 87 if and he is awesome


Hey futchief, new to trading in FUT! Why do you think prices will be at their lowest on Sunday or Monday?


Hey chief, 83 prices seem to be dropping today. Still hold or sell today?


hi chief, I won parejo 87 and gotze 84 should I sell them now ? I’ll sell mu 83’s players this weekend, what players should I buy after ? thank you


Hey chief, a few questions. Why are 83 prices dropping and when will prices for meta golds and high rated IFs like Hazard settle again? Prices for some of these players have shot up astronomically which seems a little unusual even for the weekend league..


Thanks for the reply chief. Do you think prices will go back down as low as they did last week this coming Monday?


hi chief, i packed RTTF van dijk, will his price go up after he is removed from packs? thanks

Mohamed Safwat Abdullah

Do you recommend any way for new investment now?


should i still buy 83/84 rated?


Hi chief,

I’ve previously invested in epl players in preparation for the league sbc. Do you think this will be released soon or should I sell?


I have 3 tarkowskiโ€™s when should i sell them?

Miguel vial

Hey chief
When is it a right time to buy an icon such as prime Hernandez? Please help I dont know anything about icons.