December PL POTM Investment: Alisson

Player: Alisson

Reasoning: Not only is Alisson one of the cheapest 85 rated players, he also has a good nation, good league, and, most importantly, good club.

With 6 goals and 4 assists in a 7-0-0 month December, Salah is all but certain to win Player of the Month. There is a good chance that Liverpool players will be required for the SBCs. Alisson should rise in the hype regardless of whether he is needed or not.

Target BUY: Less than 9k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Chief, Kolarov for Roma could rise? High rated full back and former club of salah (Roma)


Hi chief just wandering if other Liverpool players will go up such as Robertson and also how do you predict Alisson will rise to


Hey Chief,
when will the markt crash start because of the toty?

Pedro Baciega

Hey Chief,
Do you think Allison could go up to like 13k?


bro gotze is still very expensive on ps4 like 19250 , what should i do. thanks


Do you think a IF Salah will be requested for Salah POTM?


What about SON? Ppl talk about SON will get POTM


Hi Chief – Thanks for you awesome tips. I would like to check if I buy the Champions package, will I be able to receive these tips before they are posted for everyone? Also, will I be able to direct message you to seek advise on investments? Thanks


Thanks! I will be buying your package from January. Keep up the great work


hey chief do you think IF parejo might be a good investment he is pretty cheap for an 87 in form. thanks


Hey Chief, I bought eight 83 inform Perrins, all for around 15k; when do you think they will go up in price?? Cheers


I’m not sure Salah is ‘all but certain to win’. We’ve seen in the past ea prefer a fan favourite and someone who will make more people do the sbc and ultimately open more packs. Also at least 2 of salahs goals have come from penalties. What are your thoughts on this. Nevertheless great post as always


Is gotze still a good buy for 19000 or should I invest in Perrin since he is 15000. And could Perrin get to 20000? Thanks chief


Hi Chef. Is this worth to invest in him on PC. He goes for 11k


Hey chief, I still have a load of if tete’s and grimaldos base card and was hoping they would increase higher today. Should I sell now or do you see a better time at a later date?


Hi..i guess potm should add pogba as well..just my opinion..


When should I sell my fur champs team and rebuy for toty


So should I sell


When circa is the announcement for POTM?


hi there i didnt manage to but some do you think their price will decrease again on sunday?

many thanks


Hey chief, packed RTTF Costa. Keep or sell?


Sell and invest elsewhere. Over a month until it would upgrade.


Hi Chief. I was lucky and packed Kondogbia Euroleague card. It is now at 460,000.
Do you expect it to rise soon (or perhaps gradually) or should I sell soon and invest elsewhere?