Preparing for Team of the Year

Yesterday, EA announced the Team of the Year nominees. Here is what we can expect over the course of the next couple weeks during the promotion.

Before Team of the Year

As I’ve said many times before, promotions mean packs, packs mean supply, and supply means prices decrease.

Here are the release dates from last year’s TOTY:

And here is how the market responded:

This year, EA will announce the winners of the TOTY voting on Monday, January 7th. Like last year, I anticipate them to release attackers the first day, followed by midfielders on Tuesday, and defenders on Wednesday. Then, the full team will be released on Friday.

My suggestion?Β Sell your teams this weekend (Friday/Saturday) before the TOTY release on Monday.Β 

Do I think there will be a massive drop? No. But I think it will be substantial enough to deem selling your squad this weekend worth it, particularly for cards that are in packs.

During Team of the Year

What you can also notice from last year’s calendar is a tradeable TOTW SBC that came out on Tuesday, January 16th:

There are two things that I think are worthwhile purchases in preparation for this:

  1. The cheapest 83s (1k or less)
  2. Inform Fabio Quagliarella (14k or less)**
  3. Inform Stefano Sorrentino (14k or less)**

** Don’t be in a hurry to buy these players. There will be continued supply over the next several days, not to mention A LOT of supply if TOTY attackers are released on Monday.



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Hey chief, you recommending ANY 83s? Or specific positions make more sense? Thanks, as always!!!


Appreciate it. Not really targeting any particular position. This whole scene is new to me. I’ve noticed that GK don’t seem to go as high, so just wasn’t sure if I should be focusing on defenders, mids, attackers?? I’m happy to take your advice and load up on 83s. Thanks again.


Ok, last one. Two questions… First, I can’t find a single 83 for 1k or less…just be patient and persistent? Can GK work for this strategy or do you prefer field players?

Leonardo Yukawa

Should i sell my gold Mbappe?


Hi chef Would UCL CR7 will drop more during TOTY? Considering no inform cr7 at this moment, the normal cr7 also out of pack.


Hi chef, how do u think selling prime Eusebio gold CR7 and totgs Neymar? Will that be enough for TOTY CR7 and Messi?

Bram Maaskant

yo Chief i got inform Pogba, inform Salah, otw Felipe Anderson, UCL Live Davinson Sanchez, UCL Live aurier, SIF van Dijk and Inform Fabinho. When should i sell? or should i keep them ?


I’ve seen youtubers speculate in UCL Live cards not dropping much value due to them being out of packs and CL getting closer and closer. What do you reckon?


When’s the bundesliga potm sbc?


Hi Chief,

Got any sniping filters


Eduardo Erazo

Chief should i sell ramos, kante and suarez?


The TOTY will be REVEALED on January 7. That doesnt mean that they already in packs right? If so then will the informs that you listed not have a lot of supply


Chief, should I sell 97 Maradona and 90 Ronaldo or they won’t be affected?


What should I do with my Alissons?


Hey Chief, would investing in 84 rated players under 2.5k also provide a good investment?


Hi chief, do you think the price of icon players will up again ? thank you


is it really likely to have another TOTW SBC? we just had one, is it worth it investing again?

Jon L

Hey Chief,

I’ve only got 2 gold cards in my squad (De gea, Kante), the rest being IF: Mbappe, Alex Sandro, Pogba and VVD with prime Blanc, Nedved and Gullit. Walker and rui costa untradeable.

Even with the amount of packs being opened, do you think it will actually meaningfully impact the supply of icons at all? Should I only sell De gea and Kante? A little unsure because the tax on Gullit alone is 300k.



Chief, should I sell prime klose? I’d be down over 200k after tax as he is running for 1.1 at the moment. Will he continue to fall during and after toty, or will his price come back up after toty?


Hey Chief, what about IFs that are out of packs? For example Robertson’s 84 IF LB or VVD’s 86 or 87 IF? Would those be safe to keep due to limited supply? I would rate Robertson as a safer hold due to his lack of upgrades but would it be better to sell and buy back VVD due to his likely TOTY?



hey chief i bought like 50 mario gotze for 18.5k-19k. he is now 21500. i know he will go up more but i want coins so i can invest in other players. when should i sell them? thanks


thanks chief! is it possible he will get up to around 25k…. hes already 21500 without any hype just out of packs. also when does voting start and when does it end? thank you.


Thanks chief! Sorry but again you say voting starts this weekend and if it does when will the voting end and will he be released Soon after? And also you are sure his highest price will be before voting ends? Thanks


thanks chief so the max hype will probably be not this friday but the next one just around 1 day before he is released right? thanks again


thanks chief! but do you think theres any possible chance that there will just be a locked squad with a german informed required? thanks again.


Chief seeing how inflated the players prices have been this FIFA, if Ramos gets a TOTY do you think his card will cost above 2million?


Should I sell my TOTW 15 investments before TOTY?

Johnny Taylor

what about infrom mbappe? if he gets toty would his price not rise


when does potm salah drop?