POTM Investment: Özil

Player: Mesut Özil

Reasoning: High rated players took a big hit today as people opened TOTY packs. However, given the right SBCs they will rebound quickly.

Not only is Mesut one of the cheapest 86 rated players, he also plays in the Premier League. This could be a requirement for the upcoming December BPL POTM SBC on Friday, January 11th.

In addition, Özil could also be required for the next Bundesliga POTM as he comes from the same nation as the favorite – Timo Werner. I anticipate the December Bundesliga POTM to come out next Friday, January 18th.

Target BUY: Less than 16k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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I only recently started investing, and I don’t want to go too risky yet. I have ~600k to invest, how risky is this Ozil play in your opinion? I really like your reasoning but not too familiar with SBC price changes.



There is no way to buy Ozil for 16k on PC, he is now 19, will he drop?


dont you think it may get even cheaper when the full team/12th come out? also, any chance of digne still rise? i couldn’t make profit out of him


sorry, why isn’t digne out of packs? he is in the current TOTW, isn’t he?


Think the chief thought that you meant the inform digne


Will Sorrentino reach 16k to sell him?


Thanks for the quick response chief. I picked up 40 copies for 15.5k as suggested.

You mention that he may be a requirement for the upcoming Bundesliga POTM SBC on January 11th. When these SBC’s drop, when do player prices (such as Ozil’s) tend to peak? A few hours into it, or a day or two after?

Thanks again.


Do you recommend picking up players like Elneny or Keita for the Salah POTM?


Chief, ive bought players like kondogbia live, kimpembe live, mbappe, lala 86 if & pogba if 89. They all at 20k up or more, should i sell them? Or wait a bit?
Let me know so i can invest in ozil, nocoins right now.


Hey chief, last week i bought a team with pogba if 89, lala if 86, kondogbia live, kimpembe live, etc. They all went 20k up or more, should i sell for wl? Or wait?


Hi chief, i am a massive fan. For potm epl, should i buy mo salah normal gold card or if?


What about Raheem sterling? His price dropped today from 14k to 10k..


How did you know that sorrentino and quagliarella IF will be usable for the SBC? I would like to understand what you have analysed and how you concluded that it could be worth investing in these two inform cards before TOTY released


He’s based it on the Salah potm having a serie a or roma section in need a number of serie a/ Roma players with X amount of in forms. Last year salahs potm required something similar


What is the % of price increase expected for Ozil?


Happy New Year Chief!

In addition to Ozil, would NIF Thomas Müller also be a decent look to prep for Bundes POTM?

IF Götze for 20K a decent look if we assume Timo as POTM?

Thank you for all your advice so far.


Hi chief,

I have some alissons still i got for 10K (PC)
Keep or sell?



ok thank you!


oh, got it, alright, thanks chief

Jord OR

So you recommend getting ozil and he’s a safe bet?


I have 6 IF Götze, 1 IF Boly, 1IF Havertz, 1Özil, and 2 Müller. Will end up selling pl players for that POTM and then the again for Bundesliga POTM. However, if it is Werner for POTM I’d like to complete. Any tips you can give me?


Do you think EA has something different for Werner… If I recall right didn’t Gnabry not get a TOTW because he was placed into SBC for the Bundesliga league challenge


Also, do you have a prediction for a possible front runner since the voting has begun?

Daniel Novoa

Hey Chief, the target buy is 16k or less or less than 16k?

Jord OR

How much you think he might go up by?


Should we hold onto high cost premier league NIF cards like VVD, or Liverpool cards like Salah and Mane (in case req for Salah POTM), or sell now and invest in bulk cards like Ozil for PL POTM


I was lucky and got him at 15k. Keep for SBC POTM or sell off?


Should I sell Sanches Live (~160k) for capital to invest in Ozil for Friday? On Xbox, Ozil is about 18k now.

Also, would Lewandowski a possible requirement if winner of POTM (like how Aubameyang was)