Q & A Tuesday – Week 17

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi, what is your prediction for if Kums 84? I have 50 of him, bought for 15,500. Good or bad invenstment?


Have over 200 aliss on left.. you think it will rise if given the salah potm sbc to like 13k or 15 k ?

And if salah is in the voting for potm will aliss on get a BooSt ?


Hi Chief, I bought tons of Perrins for 15k.
If I sell him now I am not gaining nor losing.
Would you sell? He seems like a very slow investment given the fact he’s not needed for Salah nor Werner.
I know you usually say “till you see a better investment” – do you see better investments at the moment?


Fully invested chief, but left some coins for a team, I’m a man united fan so I wanna try prime ruud van nistelrooy, he’s went from 1.2 mil to below 900k think I could purchase him now for the weekend league and not take a big loss?


Hi Chief, do you expect the market to drop slightly again with the release of the rest of the TOTY?


Hi Chief! I bought a lot of smalling for 800-900, some bailly for 1500 ish and some lacazette for 3500, do you think this is a good investment? or do you think they will not rise in price?


So I should sell them? who do you suggest me to invest in?


you dont think I should wait a couple of days before selling them? thinking about potential man utd vs spurs sbc. cuz right now I’m in loss on alle of them.. new to investment btw


I have investet about 60k in them and I will loose around 4-6k if I sell them now. just sell them and move on?
thank you so much for your help


test do you need to answer for the comment to appear? if yes dont answer this, if no delete this


I bought 2x Varane as Investment for the TOTY because he won’t be in packs. When should I sell them or when will the price be at his highest point? (Playing on PC but I think it shouldn’t be different right?!)
When should I sell the Sorrentino IF’s ? (bought 4 for around 12k)


Thanks a lot Chief!
What do you think about selling Modric out of my main team?


Hey Chief, I have few german TOTW 84’s that I waiting to offload but I also currently have a lot invested in 83’s that i have picked up for less than 1000.

I have few coins left now so cash flow is slow, do I sell the germans and reinvest in 83’s or do I keep as I am and only invest whats spare. Which offers the better return in the short term?


Hey 🙂

3kk to invest … in which Icon you would do? Or maybe some Baby/Teenie Icons …

Thank you.


Sorry for posting it twice. I thought the first one failed because it didn’t appear instantly.

Lucas Gargel

I have a team I did last week. Do I sell it now and buy Ozil or do I expect to sell the team when the market goes up?

Ricardo Silva

What do you think about trading on PC?
It seems like the market is a bit more expensive…
Keep up!


Hi Chief,

What do you think about players who go up and down every week, as Lucas, goretzka, tolisso, gundogan, martial; cuadrado. Do you think they are descend to invest or better to look for 83’s.



Looking to sell my KDB to invest in other ideas for fridays potm, when is best time to sell ? Bought him for 260k initially


Chief, the best time to rebuy team is after all toty ends?


Pablo > No your time is now to buy team as many players crashed. Or wait until weekend i think prices will go lower as will have all TOTY in packs and also if we get a good TOTW people will go more crazy on packs and lightening rounds. Depends on your budget how many coins have you got? I hope you did not sell team right now?


Hey Chief, Digne is under 1k right now, should I take the loss and move on? It looks like he was a poor investment. I have about 100 k and I’m going to lose ± 5k, how bad is it?


Chief yesterday I saw mbappe go as low as 3.5m during lightening rounds, I saw messi at 4.8m during lightening rounds, mbappe settled at 4m yesterday, messi at over 5m. They’ve both gone up more today, the whole team will be in packs on friday, would friday lightening round be the best time to buy TOTY cards in your opinion? or do you think they’ll go lower before going out of packs. I plan on buying TOTY players within the next week so I wanna know the best time to pull trigger. Thank you. (BTW im not looking to flip, I just want them for my team)


Hey Chief, I want to buy Mahrez’s 87 IF and Van Dijk’s 87 IF but theie prices are on the rise for some reason, when do you think they’ll dip ??
Also, if I want to buy Mahrez’s OTW card, when do you think is the best time ??
Thanks in advance


Hey Chief, I bought some 84 rated informs like Foster and Götze for max. 18k, do you think I should sell them now or wait for a possible TOTW SBC upgrade?