TOTW 17 Investment: Raúl

Player: Raúl

Reasoning: As the cheapest 83 rated inform, Raúl will always have value because of his usability in SBCs. His good position and nation make him easily linked. With 2 POTM SBCs coming in the next week (BPL and Bundesliga), there is a good chance he could be required.

In addition, other player SBCs (such as Silva from yesterday) could require high rated informs in the meantime as well.

Target BUY: Less than 13k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Hi Chief,

U think it’s likely there will be a Totw Sbc still coming? Or should I sell the 83’s I’ve got for sub 1k.


Honestly, I will probably hold onto my 83s and grab a few that are close to discard price. The market seems to be flooded with 83s due to the sheer number of packs right now, and the prices will probably go up a little after toty fever ends even without an sbc.


Hey chief, awful lot of SBC requiring Spain players ATM. Dirty tactics by EA to rid us of some Spanish players before the la Liga SBC do you reckon? Hoping it’s imminent Friday!


I have 5 sorrentino’s. when do you think is the best time to sell?


Is it Too late to invest in raul?


hyes its too late even


bought 10 of him for 11-13k most of them were many 11 many nearly 13. sold them for 17-18k! I already had some of him when I asked but managed to get a lot more before it was too late! thanks chief, fucking goat.


made around 60k in a little bit more than 1 day


U missed out dude. I sold mine for 21k last week.


I invested 300k in him, hope its price increases with POTM Premier or Bundesliga.

Thanks for the tips Chief.


Chief, I cashed out on Ozil between 18-19k. Good idea to buy back in now that he’s dropped and sell in the hype before potm tomorrow?

Sven Gunarsson

What are some quick investments I can make, because I need to be liquid to buy TOTY Mbappe on Saturday afternoon?


Any idea why Timo was left out of POTM voting?


Hi chief, what about ozil? Should i sell him now?


Is it time to sell or Will he be even higher?


Havertz & Götze, 23k , think its worth to hold for a potential rise?


I asked was lindelof safe for 12k, spent 1.1 mil on him for 11/12k before tax almost 600k profit! Cheers for assuring me he was safe chief, when he first came out he was 17k and when toty players dropped he was 12k now he’s short of 18k


Hey chief, i was wondering if i should sell almost all my players and buy ramos, van dijk or varane. some players i got is kante, varane and ramos already and i was wondering if i should sell them now or will they go up in price right now when they are out of packs?


Made big profit. Thanks GOAT.


I made loot off this investment! Bought 45 of Raúl for 10,500 to 12,500, sold all for 17,750 coins! Thanks for the tip Chief. Looking forward to your next investment advice.

Alexander Hutcheson

Good deal. I’m keeping an eye out!


Pretty nice, bought a bunch Rauls for around 12-13k, sold them just 1-2 days later for 19-20k. Thanks a lot!

And most of my old “informs-tips” that I still had in the club (eg Orban, Mooy, Sorrentino) could also be sold for a nice profit now.

Eric king

Fernandhino is now 93 will he be a good investment will he go back up


Just packed AGUERO and Pogba should I sell or keep
Also have IF bamba and IF Raul sell or keep?


Hi Chief,
Havertz on 27k, cash out or hold a bit because of bundesliga potm?


Hi chief, should we expected the market in general to go up after the TOTY fever? Have some high rated using in my team that I want to sell but right now would be with substantial losses. Waiting a week or two would at least mitigate the losses (or luckily break even or profit?)

Cheers! Greets from Brazil


I love that that you are keeping quiet on the bundesliga potm. Are you investing in hummels and Muller?

I’m buying hummels at 49k and selling at 52k on hype alone think he could go to 59k tomorrow…