Investment Opportunity: OTW Cards

Players: OTW Cards

Reasoning: Just as EA releases OTW cards for Summer, they release Winter OTW cards as well. Last year, they came out on Friday, February 2nd. I expect a similar release date for this year.

Accompanying these cards should be a series of SBCs related to OTW players. Here are a couple from last year:

As a result, cheap OTW cards such as Kessie and Traore shot up in price. I expect the same to happen this year with players like Dembele and Golovin.

Target BUY: 25k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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is this a safe investment chief?


I don’t think they are going to drop below 25k anymore.


Picked some up before Christmas for 10k, sold them at Christmas for 23k. Thought they’d drop again after futmas, they’ve carried on rising.


seems to be hard getting them for 25k even, do you think its still worth it if I get them for like 27k?


They went up last year to around 38k minimum


If you are a patreon, you will get the tips earlyer. I think we’ve missed the boat for picking this players up for 25k. But if you look at kessie and traore they went for 40k last year. But then you can only sell during or just in advance of the otw-sbc. Still tumbs up for the chief though.

Baller Man

How long term of an investment is this? Because I only want to make short terms investments, 1 week or less from today.


He said that he thinks the winter OTW will be released around february 2, same as last year, so its a longer term investment


Hey chief,

Love the tips. I am not finding either of these cards for really even close to 25k on Xbox. They are nearly all more than 30k. Just keep trying?



Buy for more,last year they went up to 40k, so buying for 30k is fine


How do you feel about 82 Jardel for 900 coins?

– 82 rated gold rare
– Brazilian
– CB
– Liga NOS

Potential inform for TotW 18; 1 goal, clean sheet, and MotM in Benfica’s 2-0 win over Santa Clara. Thanks buddy!


I’ve got 70 on my transferlist, bought them a month ago for 17/18 k so i guess i will make 1.5 million profit if it al work out well.


Chief ; the prices are high now


Would these be the only two OTW that would work or would other cheaper ones (Mariano, Smolov, Sane) work as well?? Picked up about 10 for 26-27k on your guys’ advice that they will go up to like 38-40k…. Can afford like 10 more… Stick to these two guys or can I expand a bit?


I play the app more than the game lol

Been trading on mostly silver buying cheap and selling high.

Any other tips or just keep at it?

Totti El Masry

Is it ok to buy Dembele OTW for 26k?


i just bougth like 50 of them for less the 25k, when do you think best time to sell, in the hype before the sbcs come out or after?