Q & A Tuesday – Week 18

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi Chief,

Is Gotze IF a decent look given heโ€™s the lowest German IF over 80 rating with German nationality and playing in Bundesliga? Seems most likely a hit if Kimmich makes POTM. Buying at around 28k, with most other equivalent IFs around 35k.

Thanks Chief!


Thinking about becoming a patreon member Chief. What can I expect more then my gains here already? Great call on Ozil.


hey chief, whats the difference between trading and investing? thinking about star paying the membership


Who r some good players to invest in? Especially cheaper players?


Hey Chief ! Should I sell my IF Gotze now for 33k or should I keep them for Bundesliga POTM !


Hi Chief, any updates for good investments this week? The OTW investments are already peaking at 30k+, but target buy was 25k. Finally hit my first mil ever in fifa!! Thanks to you!!!! Fully liquid so looking for new targets.

Thanks again!

horrible traders

Hello guys, I’m a newbie to this community and have a question.
Where do I have to invest my 1 million coins? I usually make coins based on pack luck, not by trading. That is why I have no idea how to make a profit based on investing. It does not have to be specific players. Just give me broad ideas on how to invest in something.

Horrible Trader



Hey, a couple of questions…. I’m working on a limited spending budget (450k or so)… I picked up about a dozen of the OTW suggestions for 26-27k. I know those are on hold for a couple weeks, so looking for some investments that I can make a quick profit on, even if it’s just a little bit at a time. Any suggestions? La Ligs gold in anticipation of the League SBC? Others?

On a totally different note, I noticed a lot of people mention saving up opening packs until TOTY. I had never really thought of saving up packs. Are the contents of the packs generated when you RECEIVE the pack or when you OPEN it? If the latter, when is the next big event thar I would want to save my packs up for? Anything before TOTS???

Thanks to anyone with advice.


do you think I should sell my Mbappe gold this thursday after rewards?


How e to invest in the winter upgrades?


Hi Chief.

I have no intention of playing weekend league or any games this week so don’t need my team (all normal gold cards)
What would you recommend I do with my team now if I want to minimise losses with the upcoming upgraded cards soon to come out?

When would you say is the best time to sell?

Thanks in advance

Jack Haze

Sup chief…u think its safe to invest in gold pickford hes at 1k atm


Hi chief, u have any suggestions for a short-term investment with 150k budget ๐Ÿ™


need this asap


Hello Chief!

When will the best time to buy Felipe Anderson OTW? I would like to have him in my squad.


A month ago


Hi chief! Was ready to pay for patreon then realized the price is the same now even if January is half gone. so I ll wait for next month…

Rich Haines

Chief. Any guess what the 18th jan announcement EA been promoting. Trying to decide if I save coins for whatever this is or go in on OTW before they jump too high


I think i would buy patreon but i have one question.

Is it really helping me to make much more coins?


Sup Chief,any suggestion for a short-term low budget investment ( 150k budget ๐Ÿ™ )


Hey Chief,

Do you think IF Arnautovic (86), is gonna rise a lote after the weekend league rewards? I have 1.8m to invest in players that I can flip after rewards.

Ciaran Brady

How many fut swap players are left this month as I want dembele, missed the first 2 and I have 7 in club, need 7 more is it possible

Jude Palmer

The max fut swap players you can get is 14 and you need all to complete Dembele, if you missed 2 already then unfortunately you wont be able to get Dembele

Ciaran Brady

Ah thank you, I exchanged for a rare mega pack and got IF fernandinho so worked out ok in the end


I noticed a lot of people that said they saved up all of their packs until TOTY. Are the contents of the packs generated when you RECEIVE the pack or when you OPEN it? If it’s when you OPEN, when is the next big event that I would want to save my packs up for? Anything before TOTS???



Hey Chief, any ideas what 18.1.2019 is all about?