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when to buy de ligt?


Hi chief.
1st question: how do I pay for becoming a patron?
2nd question: do you think the price of these youngsters will rise or drop the next 3 weeks?


Hey Chief, good morning! I bought both Militao(350k) and De Ligt (380k) a couple hours ago, I’ve managed to link them and they’re both on my 1st team. Since I still have 1.5kk left to make investments, is it okay to keep them both? So many speculations about what’s gonna happen with those cards since they are basically from really bad leagues, with no in-game faces but with iconic stats.. the market is so unstable right now that I can’t make my mind neither to sell or keep them for good.. (Since this event is a new one we can’t base ourselves with the previous editions and I’m pretty confused). If you could give me a light here it would be very appreciated, thank you!

(For the ones who are planning to buy them but are a little skeptical about how they would feel in game, the answer is: wow, they make defending as easier as it could get, Militao is really fast (like a Varane on steroids) and De Ligt bullies everyone around (Ibra included).

bram maaskant

Hey Chief,

I bought Guendouzi for 500K now he is over 650k should i sell and buy later? Or is his card to much end game and will he rise more?

Thank you in advance


sell bro, when the next promo comes around these will lose hype and drop in price

Miguel Martinez

Do you think I should go all in on kepa for a Hudson-odoi future stars sbc? Cuz ziyech went up to 6k for the de jong sbc.


Hi Chief. I packed Jordan Sancho, his selling for about 700k. Should I sell or do you think these prices will go up?


Hey i just packed luka Jovic, do you think he’s gonna Rise in price or should i sell him?