TOTW Gold Investment: Cavani

Player: Edison Cavani

Reasoning: With 3 goals and 2 assists in a 9-0 victory, the attacker from Uruguay has a good shot at making TOTW 19. This will put his gold card out of packs, causing a cut in supply.

As he is one of the cheapest 89 rated players, I expect his price to rise in a similar fashion to how Parejo did this past week (Parejo was in TOTW 18 and was one of the cheapest 86 rated players).

Target BUY: Less than 50k

Target SELL: Before Tuesday, January 29th



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What you think of jota for wolves? Hatrick and he’s 1k at the min?


why when his inform came of before his price did not rise


When should I sell him?


Chief what do you think about ousmane dembele? He is about 850. If he comes with an IF wil he raise?


bought 25 cavanis for 48k.. hopefully make some good profit!
thanks chief!


Judging by this technique, Casemiro and Goretzka could also be good looks, correct? Casemiro being one of the cheapest rated 88s and Goretzka because he will be out of packs? He has already risen a lot to about 3k, but do you think he could work too? Looking to buy quantity, since I do not have enough to fill a transfer list with Cavanis (or Casemiros for that matter)


And even then, it doesn’t matter unless there is an SBC requiring high rated players? Or do all NIFs generally rise, just depends on how much?


Cavani is at 65k atm do you think its safe to but it still?


Hello, I’ve found your website just today.
I’ve read this notice and I’ve bought 1Cavani for 45.5 k….you say to sell him before 29 Jan….but at what price???

Thank you so much!

P.s. It’s save to buy more Cavani??? Can I risk?


Hi chief, the price for marco reus is on its ass, he is a contender for totw, is his gold card worth buying at 17.5k?


Will the extension of the WL affect the sale of cavani on Tuesday?


Okay, so i guess this method has become quite popular seeing how his price is dropping because of panic sales right now. Should have sold for the profit I found to be good (10k) rather than waiting for today just for the sake of waiting for the day before he comes back into packs. Even though it didn’t really work this time I learned something because of you.

Sell when you’re happy with the profit, which is what you always say as a second advice.


do you see any chance for profit on 50k buy in next few days?