Q & A Tuesday – Week 19

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi chief, did you screw up the davies sbc and how did you get it so wrong?


Honestly, why respond to these trolls? It was good advice given information you had.


Hi chief, you were right. I was a fool to doubt you. However it seems only sule rosed in price. Thiago and ribery didnt go up. Why is that so?


Chief, just want you to know that the vast majority that follow you know it’s really hard to predict the market and it’s impossible to be 100% right every time (we know the risks). However, we do appreciate all your effort, all the tips (success rate is like 95%) and you have like all the patience in the world to answer our questions (even the dumb ones)


should i buy 2if cancelo or future star Calabria? need to keep in mind potential upgrade for cancelo too. Thanks


cancelo was also used by nicolas99fc

Solidus 133

Cancelo is soooooo good.Better than lala in my opinion.lala is than expensive mainly for the mbape – varane links


What is the expected date of Winter OTW, as well as the respective SBCs?


Is this a typo? I’m confused. I’m talking about the next round of OTW cards to come out.


I have a lot of questions but I’m sure other people will have the same, so here goes.
1. What do you anticipate 25k OTW players will rise to when Winter OTW’s release in early Feb?
2. Should we continue to invest in Sule/Ribery/Thaigo for Davies SBC? Or safer to invest elsewhere?
3. What do you anticipate Cavani to peak around during if he gets an IF?
4. Does the same trading technique for Cavani apply to other players who are almost certain to get an IF? For example, if an 82 rated NIF gets an in form, will their NIF rise while out of packs? Or does this only work in certain cases like Cavani who are high rated/cheapest of their rating/etc.?


Hi chief and thanks for your useful advice.
I bought Eder Militao for 345000, shall i sell him or his price may rise up again?


Hey man!
Do you think the icon prices will rise a lot when the big icon sbcs are coming out? worth investing?

Byron Wing

With Winter OTW and the inevitable Lunar New Year incoming, do you think it is wise to put aside 500k for the market crash?


Do you think is worth to buy Reus if or sif? After winter upgrade price should rice up.



Hey chief, what you think about 86 pepe if 40k and mendy ffs 250k investment?


I’ve invested heavily in 83s as their price have been around their all time lowest these last couple of days. 800-1100 coins per card. Reckon that was an OK move, and that they might rise soon?


If the Davies sbc does come out how much do u think Thiago ribbon ribbery sule will rise in price?


Hi chief, when do you expect ribery’s/thiago’s/sules prices to rise ?


Which 83’s would you recommend investing in?


Hi chief! Thinking about becoming å patreon, do you think I will earn much more than if I follow the free tips? Also do you think first coming friday is good to sell cavani because of the wl?

Karl Marx

When should i sell my thiagos? How much will he rise?


Chief, the future stars have caused quite the dip in the market. Do you see players like kante and pogba rebounding after all these packs stop being opened? In the last five days, kante has dropped about 60k…


Hi chief, I just packed Aguero in a pack, should I sell him now? the card price is around 143k, and according to Futbin, the price has been decreasing in the last 2 days. Should I wait?


Hold Sule for potential Davies or sell now with new FFA SBC?


Are you sure about the cavani investment? Parejo was last week the only one that rised. The rest only rose 7-8k.


They still rose, didn’t they?


Hi chief! Which player do you recommend to invest right now?


Check out “Chief’s Top Buys” on the left hand side.