TOTW 19 Investments: Soares, Jota, and Rebic

Players: Soares, Jota, and Rebic

Reasoning: EA have increasingly been requiring informs for SBCs recently. As these 3 are the cheapest 82 rated informs, I expect their price to increase over the course of the next couple weeks.

Target BUY: Less than 17k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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What is in your oppinion the best of the three?


hi chief,

i bought 6 Koscielnys last night, you think he will rise enough to be profitable?

Bob thomas

Hey chief,

What do you think of Fabian Schär? Similar to Soares, Jota and Rebic or forget about him?


whats the typical/reasonable profit after tax? 2k?


What do you think about Sommer chief? By far the cheapest 87 inform.


Hi Chief, I have 2 questions today please:
1. Isn’t 17k max too expensive for 82 rated IF? Before the Zlatan and Van Djik SBC, they were most of the time around 14k. You think those prices will never be seen again then?
2. What do you think of Silva 89 at 45k in the (not that) probable event of a good Icon SBC or other high rated required SBC?
Thanks in advance!


1. Make good sence with all the used IF for less supply, invested on 10 Soares
2. Got lucky with that Rooney SBC ahah



Chief.What do you think about Lunar(Chinese new year).The all player price will go down or??


Hey chief, seems a lot of these are no lower than 17k is this still a good price?


should i sell my jovic future star or keep him? bought him for 250k

Muheeb Yaseen

Hey chief how much do you think there price will rise too, and what’s the perfect day to sell


When is the best time to sell?
I have 2x Soares, 4x Jota & 4x Rebic


Hi chief,
what should I do with my Cavanis now?


Why wait for Tuesday? What is happening then?

Marty Shlaüaderfüderenbölen

Chief, is this a safe investment because I’m thinking of going all in with 3.5 mil on these. I don’t want to lose a lot of coins if it’s risky.


pretty save as these are the cheapest informs in there class


Is Jordan Pickford a good investment because of the flashback rooney SBC?


The SBC is already released, so prices have already increased. Invest BEFORE potential sbcs, not after or during


Hiya Chief –

Out of curiosity, do you know what happens when a user submits their squad to SBC solution? Are players automatically removed from the market contracting the supply of players required? Furthermore, would this have any (significant) effect on price-points (obv it depends on price, in general terms)?

It seems unlikely that EA would recycle the cards directly back into the market without the algorithms adjusting and assign the card counts back into pack probabilities based on card weight? (Cards redistro in packs)

Not sure if this is out of your depth but would be curious!

Any early predictions for PL/BL POTM?


Chief – I have some not so good investments … FFS Mendy, TOTW Draxler, TOTW Koscielny … that I’m losing coins on. Do you think it would make sense to sell them, take the loss and go in on these guys while they’re available at target prices?


Hey Chief,
I packed Future Star Hakimi and is worth ca. 120k
Do you think he will rise when he is no more available in packs


Rhys Bulmer

I’ve just got Eder Militao out of the Davies SBC? Do I hang onto it whilst hes out of packs, heard a lot of good thinks about him and several players are using him in the WL.


I bought 30’s mixtures of those players @ 175000. Can you please comfort me that it was the right thing to do? I’m nervous….

Joshua Wickens

Has anyone else managed to get any of these under 17k? i’m still struggling!


Well, should be quite easy right now as the prices have dropped. When’s the best time to buy informs in general? I bought players yesterday, thought goretzka for 150k would be a good price, he’s now at 120 or less. Fml


Exposure > 1M

Avg Rebic 16596
Avg Jota 16596
Avg Soares 16279

Could have even gone lower but I don’t have time for that. All the BINs as of 20:52 GMT 1/25 are 15K


Hay Chief,
What do you think about investing in F. De Jong as Winter OTW´s are about to be released and after his recent Barcelona deal he will probably get one, doesnt he?