Q & A Tuesday – Week 20

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi Chief, Does it worth to do the La Liga SBC?, or should I sell all the players (I bought all the teams several weeks ago). Thks


Hi Chief,

I bought a Cavani five days ago as you suggested for 50k. Will his price rise up anymore? Because it’s now 52k but after I minus tax I make a loss.

Matthew J

who should i invest in now? and how do you get unlimited transfer space?

David Aaron

Is Sif van dijk a good investment for winter upgrades?


What should we do about Cavani? Still at 50k, take the loss?


Hey chief, I Purchased about 25 , 83 rated inform
Murials from this weeks TOTW for around 19-20k
Do you think he will equal or surpass 25 k? Thanks for your response ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi Chief, when is Mousa Dembele’s price going to rise? I bought 15 of him for 5800-6000 coins a piece (I’m playing on PC) when it was announced that he’s been sold to China. Was that a wise decision in your opinion? Thanks


I bought 15 non-rare gold Van Persie and Toornstra, is that a good call?


Hey sir, money is hard to come by in my country and am currently saving to subscribe for a month of your 15$ plan.
Provided that I will follow whatever tip you gave or instruct me to do, and with a starting budget of 200-300k coins, how much would I potentially have at the end of the month?
ThQ for your time, and ThQ for the help you’ve given us already


Hey chief, 2 questions
Firstly ,
Do you have any good investment ideas for the Luna new year?

Secondly, are 26/30k OTW cards a good
Investment for the WOTW cards.
Thanks advance for your reply! Love this page


Benzema prices jumped to 9K due to La Liga SBC. There are chances that Benzema may get into TOTW20 and be out of packs. If this happens, Benzema prices may go even higher. The alternate striker for Real Madrid is Mariano (80). So people may deviate to Mariano to complete the SBC. Does this make investing in Mariano (80) for 1K a profitable opportunity? Or am I thinking too far?


Hi chief!
1. What do you think of alisson and witsel inform or otw as an investment for winter upgrades?

2. What do you think of higuain otw as Investment, his card Will be Chelsea if he gets a inform.


Hi Chief!

I just bought Pogba (292K), Aguero (142K) and Roberto Firmino (30K). Should I sell back immediately or should I wait for price going up? I’d like to use Pogba but I don’t really like for Aguero. Should I change with someone around his stats?



Hi Chief,

I noticed that someone said you have subscription plan? May I know which one is it? I’m a newbie and wanna make coins.
Kindly advise.


Will there be any more fut swap players out before it ends? I need one more for the jumbo rare pack.


Hi, Chief. Which one would you recommend more; investing 83-rated gold card as much as possible or investing OTW cards? Thank you.


If VVD gets a rating upgrade, will it affect his UCL live card?


Hey Chief

I know you don’t recommend doing the SBC’s. But if someone would want to perform one of the icons SBC (i think is still the cheapest way to get an Icon) when would be the best (cheapest) time to do so?


Hi Cheif,

New to trading, but generally what days are the best to buy (cheap prices) and sell (inflated prices) players? Eg. before rewards, after rewards? After weekend league starts or ends?

please get back.


I would like to purchase an icon for my weekend league team. When do you believe that they’ll drop the most? Would it be better to wait until the LNY? Thanks!