OTW Gold Investment: Murillo & Iborra

Players: Jeison Murillo and Vicente Iborra

Reasoning: On Friday, the Winter OTW is expected to drop. Players who are chosen for this promotion will have their gold cards removed from packs for the duration of the event (February 1st-February 8th). Both Murillo and Iborra have a good shot at making the cut.

As the Murillo transfer was put into packs on January 18th and Iborra on the 20th, they have a very limited supply already. Being forced out of packs will cause their price to increase, especially given the fact that the La Liga League SBC came out Monday and they have increased demand due to people still completing the challenge.

Here are a couple examples of similar situations from FIFA 18:

Ross Barkley:

Nicolas Tagliafoco:

Target BUY: Murillo – 1,500 coins or less | Iborra – 1,000 coins or less

Target SELL: Two scenarios –

  1. If in Winter OTW, sell on February 7th before they return to packs.
  2. If not in Winter OTW, sell February 1st and invest elsewhere.



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Hey Chief, do you Think that investing on Hilton, Jordan or Benitez from this TOTW is a good idea? They go for around 32k on PC both have 84 good leagues and nations so i think they may give a nice profit.


When is the best time to buy them?


About 3 hours ago! Hilton was going for 25k during rewards!


Hi Chief, I bought Djaniny’s SIF card for 20K when TOTW 18 came out, as you recommended. Now he is going for 30,5 K on PS4, and I was wondering if I should sell him now?


Hi Chief, to clarify should we be looking for Murillo on Barca or on the entity he was transferred from?

Thank you!

Mohamed Safwat Abdullah

Will OTW declared tomorrow?


Chief, I have to say thank you for the updates, thanks a lot!


Hi Chief,
How much are they going up in price you think? I bought 15 times murillo and 25 times iborra, do you think that is a good investment?



Thanks Chief!


My problem isn’t that Murillo or iborra will rise, I think they will. The problem is why would anyone buy them after they rise? What’s the point of having them rise to 3k when no one will buy them?


Is murillo on a loan? If yes can he have a otw card?


Hi chief,

Is Denis Suarez a good investment. He is going to Arsenal. Does this means Denis Suarez no longer in pack for barca and therefor same reasoning as above?

Zonkey Thot

Is it safe? Can I go all in 2 mil coins into this investment?


So with the Bateson Tweet, are these 2 still looking like


Bought cca. 20 Iborra for 500-800. Hold for now?


But if he is not in the otw tomorrow immediately sell or?


What if they postpone otw promo? They have reveales different card design for tomorrow.



I bought like 11 Murillos (Barca) for 1200 coins. Hold or sell?
He is 1400-1500 right now…


Having around 50 Iborra – all bought for less than 1k, now price is up to 1.5k already.
Keep or sell – your opinion? Thanks in advance 🙂


Iborra is arround 700K all day. I think you are looking at the wrong Iborra (the BPL one) but good for you if you make profit.


Hm, looking at the market (Xbox One) I can find only few Iborra (searching for name – so both leagues shown) and most of them are 1.7k and more currently. I sold some for 1.5 & 1.6k already…


When to sell them?

Matthew J

should i sell all my investments do you think the sbc will come out?