How My Top 100 Account Got Hacked, Suspended, and Banned

I am writing today to explain, in detail, how my account was inaccurately flagged, suspended, and banned for coin distribution. Let’s start from the beginning:

January 7th, 2019

After nearly 4 months of grinding, I finally cracked the Top 100 for Xbox (gamertag: bergalicious69 – don’t ask).

January 9th, 2019 @ 4:52PM (Central Standard Time)

I receive this message from an account named FUTRewards 19 (I presume I was targeted as I had recently entered the Top 100).

Foolishly, I went to the website (at the time it did not have Deceptive Site or Security messages as it does now) and inputed my EA email and password.

IMMEDIATELY after hitting enter and the waiting for the next page to load, a light went off in my head that something wasn’t right. This website had nothing to do with EA’s website. There wasn’t an ‘https’ attached to the URL. As the next page was loading (1 to 2 seconds after I hit enter), I exited out of the website. I received an SMS message with a 6 digit verification code, but I did nothing with this as I came to the conclusion that this was some sort of scam.

Giving out my credentials was 100% my mistake. I understand that.

January 9th, 2019 @ 4:55PM

Even though I had 2-factor verification enabled, I still wanted to take any precaution I could to ensure my account was secure. I changed my password. I created new security questions. I deleted all trust devices.

After doing this, I contacted an EA support representative in order to make sure I had taken the appropriate measures. He assured me that “my account is fully secured“.

January 9th, 2019 @ 7:34PM

What the account representative failed to mention, however, was the fact that a secondary email could also have be used for two-factor verification. I received this email on my secondary email asking for a password reset – something that the hacker initiated, not myself.

January 9th, 2019 @ 11:15PM

I log on to FIFA Ultimate Team and find that my account balance has went from 17 million to 7 million. I contact EA immediately telling them, again, what has happened. I was assured that “there were some suspicious activities in my account“.

However, I could not proceed with further action until the “experts” were online to restore my coins at 2AM Central Standard Time.

January 10, 2019 @ 2:15AM

My account is escalated to the expert team.

February 1st, 2019 @ 2:19AM

After 22 days I receive this email from EA.

February 1st, 2019 @ 11:08AM

I open this case with EA.

February 2nd, 2019 @10:36AM.

I receive this message from EA in regards to my case.

One portion of the User Agreement reads:

You are responsible for the activity on your EA Account. Your EA Account may be suspended or terminated if someone else uses it to engage in activity that violates this Agreement.

I assume this was their basis for banning my account.

Did I make mistakes over the course of this case? Of course. I should not have given out my credentials. I should have been aware of the fact that I had a secondary email that could have granted two-factor verification.

But at the end of the day, my account was hacked. I was not involved in coin distribution, and the actions of the hacker are the reason I no longer have my account, coins, and Top 100 Transfer Profit ranking.

Be aware of scammers and do not make the same mistakes I did.

In addition, don’t expect much when dealing with EA support.



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Feels bad…


That sucks man, bad from EA that they won’t help you even though you did the right thing after your account was hacked.


Should I try and sell all of my soares, rebic, and diogo jota soon? They haven’t really risen at all and I think Lunar New Year is coming soon and don’t want to lose profit.


Hi, Chief! Have I understood you correctly, that due to upcoming lunar new year promo event new totw card of the same rating would be cheaper so all mine soares/rebic/jota/hamdallah are under risk of non-profitability? Even with the upcoming EPL PoTM AND BuLi potm?

Pawel Khanoukovitch

Hi Chief. Besides the investments of totw 20. Do you still believe that all the rebic/Soares… will rise again, or should we sell and take the loss ?


Sorry for you man. But I’m glad the way you fought back! It sucks and I hope this has a future and better outcome.


As harsh as it sounds besides the user agreement EA probably feel your correspondance is just covering your back….. and you where involved.

A top 100 account is built on the basis of crude, advanced and proffesional decisions to loose it over a amature mistake like that is questionable…

They are still a bunch of cants tho and even if this was the case you shid have been rewarded for effort.


It’s happening to a lot of people and accounts are being seized by EA. Unfortunately recent events prove that unless your well known in the Fifa community with a large online following that EA simply don’t care. Some members have to wait weeks just for a reply whilst others are fully unlocked in 48 hours. No one gives a shit until it happens to them.


Sorry to hear that chief! Fuck ea.

Besides that, is agüero a nice investing?


You got what you deserved. You were giving some advice to FIFA community. Then you believed that you are somthing special who deserve community’s money. You created patreon and stop helping here. You are trying to scam money from people that love playing fifa. Everyone gets what he deserves. Cheers!


He is giving good advice for free! I’ve made a lot of coins following his advice here, the patreon subscription is optional.


Wtf bro, he never forces people to join patreon, and he also gives decent trading tips why are you saying these things to him??


Ι agree with you expept one thing. He doesn’t give advice. He was giving advice. After he came up with patreon we haven’t seen marque matchups predictions and many other tips and tricks he used to post. Of course its his website, of course he isn’t obligated to help comunity but we had ages to see a post and suddenly a post appeared. A post about his banned account. This isn’t investing tips or somthing. This is a personal blog.
Peace and Love!


Why are you hereElbisco. You deserve no free help.


Missing OTW promo is piece of cake in comparision to how EA treated you.
Great article and warning for all of us. Thank you for that.

BTW, MOTM good investment?


Will you still be doing trading and investing tips? Because I have only just discovered this website, and it would be annoying to discover a day after you’ve finished.


Chief as per your previous recommendation I got IF Rebic.
His price hasn’t increased so should I keep it or sell it


Sorry to hear that Chief. But ignore the guy above – your free advice is a great gift to the community and you’re one of the few who is straight to the point.

Your work is much appreciated!


Last week I was on the web app seeing seedorf 85 price and then when return to the player profile recive a message saying that it was sold for 103k and I didn’t put it to sell. Then contact ea that says give us 24h to see what’s happening. Ah and in the first contact they told me that I sold if for 665k I asked where are my coins. So wait 24h and then contact again and the answer is that I had recived all my coins when I can see in my account that misses 665k and until now they keep saying that I recive, I asked to send me a copy of the thing where says that I had recived that and the answer was oh we can’t give you that information. What to expect from ea support or EA


I feel bad for you brotha

But you should have know this was 100scam

E.A will never give ANYTHING valuable to the community, even top 100 players are getting outrageous rewards everyweek. So gave a free toty ? meeeeh…

Anyway i know how strong you are when it comes to trading, u’ll be right back at top100 before end of the season


Hi chief, it propably feels very bad right now to have lost the account you put so much work and effort in. But there is more than that account balance you have achieved: you have this great website and you are giving tips for free which makes a lot of people enjoy the game a lot more. To fail is the most normal thing in life, you can decide for yourself how you deal with it – be angry about yourself or just see it as a way to improve even more. Wish you the best of luck for the future