TOTW 22 Investment: Davie Selke

Player: Davie Selke

Reasoning: EA tend to require informs for SBCs. As Selke is one of the cheapest 81 rated informs, his price will increase with time after he goes out of packs and his supply is diminished due to being submitted in these SBCs.

In addition, he is a very easily linkable card as he plays in a good league (Bundesliga) and comes from a good nation (Germany).

Target BUY: Less than 16k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Bought two for 16k


Chief do you reckon piece will rise higher than 24k?


What about Mata 81 inform?


Hey Cheif

Do you now the reason why Doherty MOTM raised from 77-83?

Could Piatek also get a 83 MOTM if he gets the predicted raise to 79?


Thanks for the answer 🙂

I bought 17 of him, and plan to sell him tomorrow when the upgrade hits.

Either i lose a little, or i will make good profit


thanks chief, how much do you predict think he will go?


Hey Chief, do you think Cancelo OTW will get an upgrade? Bought him at 290k, now he is 343k. Tomorrow could be Serie A upgrade, should i sell in the hype before the upgrade?


TY Chief, love your work. I also want to sell my CR7. Do you think his price will increase after Base Icon SBC? Right now he is very cheap (1870k)?


Hi Chief, what do you recommend is the best way to make 120k from now till before David Luiz sbc runs out?


Alright thanks a lot!


hi chief, who are your top buys?


Hey Chief, bought 50 Gnabry´s and i dont know what to do… will he rise tomorrow, when he is requiered for sbc?
Also have some Baumanns and Pickfords. Hold or sell???


Mata IF from GW22 also good for 16K or less?


Sire, thank you for all that you do for us enthusiasts! I have 200k liquid, any tips where to put it?


Pardon my oblivion, but where do I find those?


Also, what in your opinion, would be a good time to invest in Pogba, gold card?


So, 230k is a good price?


Thanks mate!


Hey Chief, packed a Almiron OTW. He’s currently for 19k. Are there chances that he’ll rise?


nice catch Chief,
Do have any idea why guy like Julian Draxler 83 went up yesterday?
always counting on you bro.


I still have some Baumann’s. Should I have got rid of them by now? I feel like I should have… Ha!


Hey Chief. I got some Koscielny IF in my club. Do you think he will rise?
For example maybe he will rise like Sidnei 84 IF. In 1 month or so he went from 23k to 70k (And I don’t no why) Could you pls answer
Thanks for your help


Hey Chief,
I got Dante IF, he is about 28k right now. Should i hold onto him until hes out of packs or sell now that there are so many sbcs that require informs and team ratings of 84+?
Feel like 28k is already kinda high for this card but not quite sure.
Could basically sell him now and buy two selke IF for the same amount of coins. Whos got the better roi you reckon?

Thanks in advance chief, always great advice for free

P.s. lol to how the guy above me is also called jan ✌


Thanks for the quick answer!


Peace man you got a nice name ✌️😂 bist du Deutsch?


Ok cool Haha. Jan is also an American?


Hahaha, nein, ich bin deutsch 😂 als ich mein Comment abgeschickt hab stand deins direkt oben und ich war nur so “scheiße wie sieht das aus, Chief denkt locker 2 Fragen vom selben Typen innerhalb von 2 Minuten oder so” 😂


Hi Cheif,
What do you think abt Osumane Dembele UCL card.Looks like he gonna get upgrade from 82 to 84. So his UCL card will be 85.And now he is going around >30k. will his price gonna rise??


Selke is 18k on pc now. Should i invest ?


Hey Chief!
One question, Selke is now 20k in PC I bought 4 at 16k. Shoule I sell or wait? I did not expect that rise today

Pablo Arroyo

Ok Chief, I will too.
Btw you are the best!


Buying a few dembele for 1k each would be a good idea? Dembele will get an upgrade when laliga hits, would this make his price of the old card op up?


Alright thanks Chief. I just bought 15x Selke and 100x Demirbay. I hope this works out for me.. I just sold my Hradecky’s for 7k each and 3 minutes later they turn out to be extinct and go for 10k each.. Rip


Chief I bought ones to watch Felipe Anderson this morning for 330 k he is trash I look at the market to sell him . He is down to 266 do u think he will go up again and when ? Help