Q & A Tuesday – Week 24

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey chief, I have a naive question. What’s the difference between investing and then reselling versus what you refer to as “trading”?


Larry mate, what i understand is :

Investing – long term. Buy and keep for selling much later when price goes up.
Trading – short term. Buy and flip those bitches quickly

Hope that helps!


So you Think the upcoming totw players Will keep their high prices?


Im thinking of the 78-83 rated such as veretrout and pavoletti in the last totw

Joga Bonito

can i send u money in some other way other than pay pall and bank?


It’s only PayPal or credit card. I struggle with this also because I would like to be a participant of the community


I bought 3 Rttf Maximilian Philipp for 38,000 and now they’re really cheap and i don’t want to lose anymore money. What do i do? Ive been holding on to these guys for 2-3 weeks


He isn’t going any much higher unless Dortmund smacks te shit out of Tottenham and I don’t see that happening..


And are Motm cards good investments? (cillessen to be exact)

Alberto P.

would 84 ziyech be a good investment since he scored 2 goals and could be in TOTW?


He isn’t in totw. Check futbin. Frenkie de Jong is tho


That is a prediction :-)


The prediction is not to have zyjech there so I guess de Jong is a better chance


Ziyech my bad.


Hi chief
Could you when we sell jovic if you could give me specific date or day would be great ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป thank you

Best regards


I spent here 30 m and i know there is no Such thing as Best Day to sell… Sell before he back to packs aka wedensday


Hi Chief, got 2 mil to invest, your actual top buys already fill up most of my tradepile, but there are still 1,9mil laying around not working for me :( any suggestions for bigger investments? Or will I find this in the patrons only section? Thanks in advance


Hey chief I have a off topic question do you think we are having a Saint Patrick event this year? And what are your thoughts in investing in Irish players. (I have already invested a long time ago and picked up about 500 golds for discard during team of the year and 100 if for near discard as well) I have nearly tippled my coins already but my question is since people are verly starting to invest in them do you think their prices may hit a bigger before Ea even announce if we are having a event this year? Thank you

Zevik R.

Hi chief,
do you recommend on investing in Alisson OTW ?


Do you think OTW Almiron will go up in value from around 10-12k?


Hey Chief,

Your Twitter pics tempt me to subscribe so I can gain some trading tips, but I think I’m misunderstanding the basics of what you’re showing.

You bought Ronaldo for 2,813,756.
You flipped it for 2,950,000 – but doesn’t every sale get a 5% tax? Which would be 147,500.
2,950,000 – 147,500 = 2,802,500.

What am I missing here; isn’t that a net loss? Forgive my ignorance.


No, Chief sniped him at 2.6mil (2.813.756 is the cbp) so he made 202.500 coins on just this card


Oh, I see! Thanks for clearing that up.


Whats “Chiefs buy price” though?

Dave B.

Would like some more coins to grab a couple high-rated players for my squad (UCL Live Renato and Neuer), considering selling some golds 10k and under. Should golds continue to bottom out or should they rise without any promotions in the next week or so? Thnx for all the quick responses.


AS we are making alot of profit by investing in your players.
Now We want to invest in 20k+ players. We want to make alot of profit in a single player .
Kindly suggest such players as well.
Love you Chief

Tan Blatchman

Hey Chief,

I’ve made a bunch of coins following this site and I’m sure others have as well, thank you. However I can’t help but notice that you are able to gain considerable amounts of coins in a single week to the point where your brand new account is at 37 million transfer profit, 15 million more than your highest ranked patreon listed on the site. I assume that your patreons haven’t needed new accounts and have been playing with their accounts since the game came out, meaning your new account has surpassed theirs incredibly quickly even though they have spent a longer period playing the game. Would you say you spend a LOT of time flipping cards or that you are withholding certain information from your patreons? I’m not a patreon but perhaps a patreon could also chip in on this.

Tan Blatchman

Would you mind saying how much time on the web app on an average day? Just want to place a comparison on how much I’m making as opposed to a pro FUT trader.


Hey Chief, I’m cleaning out my club and I have a few golds (Lukaku, Navas, Fernandinho, Douglas Costa, Mane +more). Will they increase in value or should I sell up now?


What about Investment in buying 85 players in range of 11k coins?


Hey chief, your daily trading consists of mostly snipes?


When does Demirbay return to packs?


Hey Chief got a Good Trading player ?