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Im thinking Antonio is the best bet. Best league and nationality. Maybe lowest price around 20k but will increase quite significantly.


What’s your take on Deulofeu’s Fut swap card?


I think it is definitely worth it. 95 pace, 90 dribbling, 84 shooting and he costs nothing. The reality that you would pack a higher rated player from either the Jumbo Rare Players Pack or the Rare Mega pack is very very slim. In my opinion he looks a great player and is way more worth than trying to pack a player in those rigged packs EA gives us.

Hope this helps Sam


Plus they have just released his TOTW card and the FUTSWAP card is miles better. I mean 84 shooting compared to 75 is ridiculous


I was actually torn between Juan Jesus and Zuber. I have Salah for my EPL and IF Mahrez. I was hoping to see any first-hand reviews but haven’t been able to find em


I got him and he’s great! His crosses are unbelievable…way better than hold Salah for me


Thanks bro!


hey chief, i got some veretout’s and i was wondering if there will be any sbc for him to go up. Are you expecting that anytime soon? because if not id rather dont keep him because i need the coins and i dont see him go much more than 22-23k if there are no sbc, thanks chief


hey Chief, my bro
what are your thoughts on Samu Castillejo 83, under 2.2 k?


Nice, tanx

Del piero

What happened to gold jovic? I expected his price to rise due to the fact that he is out of packs. In fact, his price is decreasing. And yes, I know that he is out of packs only for few hours yet. Anyway decrease of his price after being out of packs is interesting phenomena though… what do you think about this?


The price is always inflated after the futchief posts. You have an increase in the days after the totw prediction post, a drop after the totw release and then it bounces back and increases again.


Hey Chief, Iโ€™m thinking about adding pogba to my squad, but Iโ€™m worried about his value dropping after I buy him. Do you see his value dropping anytime soon?


I have a bunch of Ilias Chair’s (silver if) that I made some good profit on last week. But the prices dropped now and I’m stuck with them. Do you think the prices will go back up in the near future?