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Dan Brodniewski

this has hurt the 50 mandi’s i bought last night 🙁


safe to say this jovic investment is dead?

Del piero

What to do with jovic? Hold or sell and take the hit?


Why should we wait until the end of this promo with investing? Mandi is 14k, milik 21k and deulofeu 23k. Will they decrease even more?


Hard to say; I’ve seen some IFs continue to decrease, but I’ve also seen a few start to spike back up as investors catch the scent of a good buy…


Hi Chief. Just packed totgs lewandowski 92 rated. Should i sell or will he rise?


Why has this made the market dip? And in particular all the Mandi’s I bought? The free packs I got were untradeable…

Fabian Heim

A lot of People are opening packs for the chance to get one of the best totw players


Hi chief

Just noticed u said to buy mandi at less than 18k just bought like 20 of him for less than13.5 why was ur price so high or have i missed something?

Cheers chief


So have i got a bargain then or is the investment dead?


hi Chief,

i just packed veratti totw. do you think he will rise in price when he isnt avalaible in packs anymore? so i wanna keep him for 2/3 weeks.


i got 500k in the bank so i dont really need the money right away


thanks for your reply:)


Fortunate enough to pack 92 MOTM Ramos. He is at 370k. Down from 620k the day before FUT Player Days promo dropped. Any chance he gets close to that 620k again?